Due to Large Outbreaks In Select Areas Your Eligible For A Complimentary Sample.

Try A Complimentary Sample!

Works Fast

Upon the first few sprays, immediately watch bed bugs die on contact with the natural special formulation.

Kills & Prevents Outbreaks

Bed Bug Bully is a two-in-one solution that not only kills bed bugs, but also prevents future outbreaks.

Safe Around Children

Pesticide Exempt by the EPA under FIFRA 25(b). Safe to use around children and pets with no harsh chemicals or odors.

Packages and Pricing

Bed Bug Bully is formulated in multiple sizes for different needs. Large pest professionals, medical facilities, and resorts have been using our non pesticide bed bug spray since 2010. Now after renewing our license agreements with these companies we can offer it to both our past clients and to the public.


  • Rooms Covered: N/A
  • Total Coverage: 6-10 SqFt
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1 Room

  • Rooms Covered: 1
  • Total Coverage: 600 SqFt
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Multi Room

  • Rooms Covered: 5+
  • Total Coverage: 5,000 SqFt
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Your product is a godsend, it worked very quickly as advertised. I am also impressed with how quickly I got the products. Please feel free to share this with your other customers. ”


“This product is amazing! I also I really like your guys wellness ingredients. My home is clean without bed bugs, it feels different, the aroma therapy fragrance is wonderful.”


“We were scared out of our wits with bed bugs when I notice my child itching and his entire back was full of red spots. I found you guys from a friend and want to thank you. Bed Bug Bully is a great product and worked as promised. No more bed bugs. You have saved me a ton of worry. Thank you.”


Tell Us Your Story

We love to hear from you… we know the product works, but you may have doubts. No worries, that’s why we are offering you a complimentary sample with your order. If for any reason your not satisfied, let us know and you can keep the sample and get a full refund on your order.

Try A Complimentary Sample Today!

Don't Be Shy

Get access to a complimentary sample of Bed Bug Bully. This bed bug spray has already been proven in the pest industry.
It’s now time for the public to finally get access to this pest professionals secret weapon.

Try Bed Bug Bully Today!

Want A Sample?

Take a peek into the pest professionals secret weapon when managing a bed bug infestation. A guaranteed non pesticide solution that kills and prevents bed bugs. We prove it with a complimentary sample.

Yes, I Want To Try Bed Bug Bully!


  1. iwant to use it but I have not gotten my order yet I ordered it back in December and this is the end of February and I am still waiting for it how am I going to give you a comment on how it is when you haven’t sent it to me yet and I made it and I want to try it and see if it’s any good not please send me my product that I ordered back in December or I will put a stop on the money I’ve been waiting all this long and I’m tired of waiting

    • Hi Linda, the order didn’t go thru. A green bean buddy sent an email about the order details and we tried to call. Please make sure the billing zip code is correct. This is usually why it the order was declined.

      If you need any help, please feel free to call a Green Bean Buddy at 1 (888) 440-3826

  2. I have begs bug, and need your help, I’d been trying to reach you by phone, and even tried to sign up online. Now I’m beginning to worry about this company. Are you who you say you’re. Huh. Please contact me as soon as possible. @ 313 9392972.

    • Your green bean buddy told me that everything has been taken care. Your green bean buddy tried contacting you previously, but missed you.

      Thank you for your order.

      I believe your call was after our normal business hours. But feel free to call us anytime and will call you back if its after normal business hours.


  3. This product is so amazing I was so relieved to have found it thank you markus you are a God sent you and your team GOD BLESS YOU ALL

    • Thank you for the kind words Irishalynn,

      It is much appreciated. I am truly happy you are enjoying Bed Bug Bully and extremely fulfilled that your life is a bit better now after being a customer of ours.

      Thank you!

  4. Hey markus I to placed an order around feb 19th haven’t received any information on why it hasn’t come ive never had any problems before not sure why now but all in all still awesome products

    • Janice your Green Bean Buddy just told me it is already in transit.
      Scheduled Delivery: Monday, 03/09/2015

      Should have it by Monday. Sorry for delay, I believe our fulfillment center had some bad snow storms with the weather which delayed some orders.



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