Bed bugs are definitely becoming a growing concern for many people across the country that they are looking for ways on how to get rid of bed bugs.

Not only are these creatures terrorizing people in the states, they are also becoming world wide problem as well.

  1. Do you know anyone who has bed bugs?
  2. Would you know what to do if they invaded your home?

Better yet, are you prepared to defend your home against bed bugs when they decide to take up residence in your home?

Bed Bugs are Spreading Each Day to Areas Near You.

Ask pest control experts and they will tell you that the bed bug treatment business has skyrocketed over 300% this year alone.

It’s also predicted to rise even more in the very near future.

How To Plan Ahead To Prevent The Worst


One of the scariest things about bed bugs is that there are so many ways that you can bring bed bugs back to your home.

Even worse, if you know someone who has bed bugs, the chances of you dealing with a future bed bug infestation is just a matter of time.

But… Help Is On The Way!

So, I have developed some help to not only help to avoid bed bugs but also provide guidance if you are currently dealing with bed bugs.

More and more infestations are being reported all over the world and the more we educate people the better chances we have to get control of these bed bugs and put a stop to them once and for all.

  1. Identifying If You Have an Infestation
  2. How To Inspect Your Room For Bed Bugs
  3. Preventing Infestations From Spreading
  4. Preparing For Treatment
  5. Destroying Bed Bugs
  6. Evaluation & Prevention of Future Infestations

Identifying If You Have an Infestation

One of the most asked about question is

How do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

Many times people may have bed bugs and not even realize it.

Other times people are too embarrassed or too afraid to let anyone know that they may be experiencing a bed bug infestation.

In order to really know if you may have a potential bed bug infestation on your hands you will need to look for the most common evidence of bed bugs by retracing your steps and completing some inspections.

Yard Sale

Yard Sale

Retrace Your Steps – Have you or any of your friends or family members have used public transportation or stayed at any hotels, motels, or bed & breakfast?

Have you purchased any second hand furniture or clothes in the past month?

Document if you have done any of these so that you can determine if its possible where you may have brought home bed bugs from.


Look For Common Signs – Many times it’s not easy finding bed bugs but there are signs or evidence that you will see.

Sometimes you will actually see a bed bug or small nymph crawling on the mattress, headboards, box springs, even behind picture frames.


Their bodies will be oval shaped red or light brown in color with 2 antenna on top of their head and a total of 6 legs (3 on each side)

Female bed bugs will look more longer and slender with the same type of color.

If you don’t see bed bugs crawling around you will then need to perform an inspection of the area of concern (bedroom, couches, and lazy boy chairs)

How To Inspect My Room For Bed Bugs


When inspecting your room for bed bugs you will need to inspect the following places:

  1. Mattress – (How To Inspect Your Mattress)
  2. Box Springs – (Box Spring Inspection Guide)
  3. Pillows & Pillowcases
  4. Sofa & Cushions
  5. Recliners & Chairs
  6. Bed Posts & Wooden Frame
  7. Dresser Drawers
  8. Base Boards
  9. Electrical Wall Outlets
  10. Door Frames
  11. Window Sills
  12. Picture Frames
  13. Closets

You will be looking evidence of bed bug activity.


When performing the inspection the first thing that will give you a red flag are black and red stains around the mattress seams, box springs, sheets, and pillow cases.

You may also find exoskeletons (shells) of bed bugs as well. You may even find splattered blood on the sheets, pillow cases, and the wall behind the headboard area of your bed as well.

For more detailed information please take a look at our Bed Bug Help Center.


Preventing Infestations From Spreading

Preventing bed bug infestations from spreading is very possible if you take that extra step and put in extra effort.

Bed bugs can leave eggs on clothing, bed sheets, pillow cases, and other types of linens.

Place your clothing and linens in a plastic garbage bag and make sure to tie the bag in a knot. This will help keep the bed bugs from spreading to other areas in your home.

Take the bags to the laundry room and place the items in the washing machine using hot water. You can use normal every day detergent but to be safe you can wash your belongings

using bed bug laundry detergent that will kill the bed bug eggs.


After the washing cycle has completed place your belongings in a dryer and set it to high heat and let the cycle run for 30 minutes.

Vacuum the Rooms of Concern – Bed bugs can drop eggs in the carpets and area rugs.

You can use a vacuum cleaner (Hepa Is Recommended) so that the eggs will not blow away to other areas of your home and vacuum up the carpet and even mattress seams and box springs if needed.

Make sure that you throw away the vacuum bag to an outside dumpster immediately after using. If your vacuum uses a canister, empty in trash, throw trash bag away outside, and clean canister with alcohol.

Acknowledge & Advise – I know this is the last thing that you want to hear but if you think you have bed bugs or if you think a friend or family member has them please Acknowledge & Advise.

It might be the toughest thing to do but just be honest. Many people get bed bugs from a family member or friend because they were too embarrassed to Acknowledge & Advise.

Preparing For Bed Bug Treatment


Getting prepared for bed bug treatment can feel very overwhelming at first but it will pay you back in the long run.

Depending on which route you go whether it be calling on a professional exterminator or performing the bed bug treatment yourself, you will need get things ready and organized.

  • Clean Up & Remove Clutter
  • Vacuum areas of concern (throw away bag after completion)
  • Remove Bed Sheets & Comforters From Mattress
  • Empty Dresser Drawers Of Clothing
  • Place Clothing & Linens In Garbage Bags (Tie In Knot)
  • Throw Away Cardboard Boxes
  • Use Plastic Totes To Store Items (Not Cardboard Boxes)
  • Organize Rooms For Easy Access
  • Move Bed/Headboard 6 Inches From Wall

Eradicate & Destroy Bed Bugs Yourself


Now that you have prepared your home for treatment you can now get ready to eradicate bed bugs from your home once and for all.

If you feel that the infestation may be too large for you to handle you can call on an exterminator. Your home will be prepped and ready for the exterminator to begin treatment.

Do It Yourself Bed Bug Eradication is another option that works very well just as long as you have the right bed bug spray to eradicate the bed bugs but also keep them from returning.

There are products that claim to be the best thing since sliced bread when it comes to bed bug removal. Then to find out that there was too much hype and not enough results.

Of coarse, this can really leave a bad taste in your mouth and have confidence issues in the next bed bug spray that you purchase.

Have Your Heard Of Bed Bug Bully?


Bed Bug Bully is at the top of the list when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs and prevent them from coming back in the future.

This all natural bed bug spray eradicates bed bugs and eggs using natural ingredients. The proprietary blend formula is also pesticide exempt which means it has no harsh chemicals and there are no harmful fumes once it has been sprayed in your home.

There is also no need to leave your home after the first treatment. Carry on with life as usual.

Bed Bug Bully uses natural oil based ingredients to get rid of bed bugs and eggs.

One huge bonus is that Bed Bug Bully has a 30 day residual which means it will create a shield around the areas that you spray it to destroy bed bugs on contact and also repel bed bugs for up to 30 days.

Why Choose Bed Bug Bully?

  • Eliminates Bed Bugs On Contact
  • Eliminates bed bugs, eggs, and nymphs
  • Uses Natural Oil Based Ingredients
  • No Harsh Fumes
  • Pesticide exempt
  • Repels Bed Bugs For 30 Days
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Remember Our Guarantee:

We are so confident your bed bug infestation will never be an issue again. You will receive a full money back guarantee.

If Bed Bug Bully does not work for any reason, simply let us know by email or phone and we will happily refund your money.

Our primary mission is to help you get rid of this painful bed bug infestation once and for all.

We Love To Hear Some More Questions

We would love to hear some more questions and comments below so that we can keep helping people with their bed bug problems. We are here to help so please leave a question that may have not been answered and we will do our best to provide you with a response to your question A.S.A.P.