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Bed Bug Bully is a naturally formulated bed bug treatment. In order to be effective at killing bed bugs, eggs, and the larvae and use no harmful chemicals. It took us years to find a right solution. During this journey, we searched around the globe for natural remedies from 1,000 year old cultures to help us along the way. We encourage you to have a look at how we create our natural solutions that infuse wellness.

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  1. sandy

    We have bed bugs in our bed, couch, chairs,pillows,cover they hurt very badly.they leave wepswere ever they bite

    • Markus

      Hi Sandy, I’m sorry your going thru this. Trust me, you are not alone. We are here to help you out. Be sure to check out the Bed Bug Bully Help Center. You will find some great resources to help you get rid of them. Also, quick tip… try lavender on this bites, it will soothe some of the pain.


  2. Tammy Friday

    I haven’t seen but there something that’s eating us alive

  3. Ometha

    These are the worst things I have ever seen PLEASE help me kill them

  4. Carolyn

    I got rid of my couch due to the problem and thought I had handled it on my bed, but just today I saw one again! These buggers were brought over by a “friend” of mine who asked if he could do laundry at my house…thanks for the never ending guests! I have bought the bed bug mattress covers, etc…they won’t go away!!!!!!

  5. Ramona

    There WORST then roaches..smdh


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