Bed bugs are some of the worst pests that you ever have to deal with. And a great part of what makes them the most dreadful insects that you can ever encounter are their bites and the marks that show up after the act.

Actually, the marks that bed bug bites leave are not the only things that you can expect. Apart from them, there also come swelling and itching. In addition, they can also be a cause of embarrassment. And unfortunately, for Lise Sievers that is exactly what happened. And more, the bites also caused the lock down of her flight for a few hours.

Basically, it was all just a case of misunderstanding. Sievers got bitten by bed bugs when she was in Africa. When she described her rashes to her mother, her mom asked for advice from La Porte hospital. The hospital in turn informed the Centers for Disease Control. Thinking that Sievers got monkeypox, CDC held the plane before it took off from Detroit to Chicago.


Bed Bug Bites

Given that monkeypox is infectious, CDC’s move is actually commendable. And Sievers is also okay with the way the authorities handled the problem though she found herself at the center of an embarrassment. She said they were all just following protocol and were actually nice when they checked her.

Here’s part of the report Bed Bug Bites Caused Plane Lockdown from

“A case of bedbugs — and a little motherly misunderstanding — led to a Delta plane being held on lockdown at Midway airport Thursday.

Lise Sievers, 50, of Red Wing, Minn., found herself at the center of the embarrassing mix-up after authorities wrongly feared she had contracted a case of monkeypox in Africa.

She’d been in Uganda for several months, trying to adopt a special needs boy and girl, she said.”

Marks of bed bug bites are similar to that of a number of other animal bites. So if you got red, swelling and itchy rashes, don’t brush it off or jump into conclusions. Check images of bed bug bites and know the things that make them different so you can identify them right. It will also help to check for the pests. However, if you are really not sure about your rashes it’s best to consult your doctor.

Your doctor can surely prescribe you medicines that can treat bed bug bites. Nonetheless, to prevent them or to avoid getting them again, you must learn how to get rid of bed bugs.

You should know though, there are several methods that you can implement to eliminate those small blood-fed pests. However, for a bed bug treatment that is fast and easy, you can get yourself a bed bugs spray.

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