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Helping You Make The Decision Which Bed Bug Extermination Method is Best For You!

Welcome to the Bed Bug Bully help center area.

Previously if you subscribed to our help center, I send over some guides and covered the following with you:
how to identify a bed bug
+ inspecting your mattress for bed bugs
+ inspecting your boxspring for bed bugs
+ inspecting the entire bedroom for bed bugs

In this section I will share the most popular bed bug control procedures that have historical success. I will layout the budget and costs you will incur for each, the experience you will have, and other factors. I hope to give you enough information to help you make decision on which method is best for you, your budge, and peace of mind.

Which Bed Bug Procedure Is Right For You?

Our objective today is to go over to go over a bed bug extermination scenario, a bed bug heat treatment scenario, and using do it yourself scenario using a bed bug product. I get many questions based on these 3 scenarios, so I will layout the pros and cons of each to help you get some insight on which method is best for you.

Really important, If you have not subscribed to the Bed Bug Bully help center, you can below really quick. This will make sure you get my procedures and videos thru your email and discuss them with the community.

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Bed Bug Exterminations

Is A Bed Bug Extermination Right For You?

First let me say, when we created Bed Bug Bully it was our mission to work very closely with pest professionals. In fact when we started, Bed Bug Bully was only available to some large private pest control companies. We were only allowed to sell it to them due to some license agreements we happily setup.

Now fast forward and we were able to renew our agreements to not only continue serving a respected pest professionals, but also now Bed Bug Bully can be sold to the public.

I tell you this because pest professionals are experts in the field of extermination and consultation. We love pest professionals and work very closely with them. Many in fact have been using Bed Bug Bully during the pest management service.

Now with any professional you pay for expertise, which is I recommend if you feel your project needs professional supervision.

Out of the many questions I receive, many folks feel they are unsure the costs and time involved in a pest management project. So I will layout the estimated costs you can expect, time frames to be out of your home(if needing to evacuate), and follow up fee’s you may incur.

What Does A Bed Bug Extermination Cost?

Below I put together a layout of comparison of a pest management service versus Bed Bug Bully. I always recommend pest professionals, although some clients prefer to do their bed bug extermination themselves. It really is up to you and what you are looking to achieve at what budget.


Process To Expect

Depending what method you chose, a bed bug professional or a doing it yourself with a product like Bed Bug Bully. Below I will explain what to expect during the process.

Be Sure To Use Non-Pesticides Solutions

Whether you pick a professional or you choose a product to use around your house. By all means make sure the product is non toxic and does contain any harmful pesticides. If your bed bug professional requires you to evacuate it could be because they are using pesticides that could harm your pets, children, and you.

And remember, these pesticides don’t disappear, they will also absorb into your home, walls, carpets, furniture, etc.

WARNING: Some Professionals Use Harmful Pest Products

Some professionals will insist on using harmful chemicals to kill all bed bugs. Thus why they will tent up your home and have you evacuate for 3 days to 3 weeks. The problem in many cases is:

+ harmful pesticides do not always work
+ You will have to tent your home
+ Harmful pesticides absorb into your furniture
+ You will be asked to dispose furniture


What Will Happen During Bed Bug Extermination

STEP 1 – Consultation: $250

A professional will consult you on what they feel would work best for your situation. In many cases they will do an inspection similar to the procedures I have been sharing with you. Also, customers of Bed Bug Bully receive our professional pest management procedures to do your own extermination, if needed.

STEP 2 – If You Agree, Extermination Fee: $500 – $5,000

I am not going to sugar coat it, bed bug exterminations are expensive. They are not always guaranteed and you will most likely need to have the professional come back after 30 days to do it all over again. This is not included in this initial price.

Be aware that “30 Day Guarantee’s” are NOT the standard with bed bug management services, it’s because it’s very difficult to get rid of bed bugs on the 1st try. Many cases of bed bugs re-occur after the 30th day, long after you paid for the initial pest control job. So you will have to pay for them to come out again, unless you negotiate for a longer guarantee or service plan. Be sure to discuss all options with a pest professional and ask what they do if the bed bugs come back. Many companies are professional and will discuss it with you. If they don’t, then thank them for their time and find another company or solution.

STEP 3 – Evacuate Your Home / Throw Away Valuables

This is the painful part, when you begin a bed bug extermination the professionals will ask you to evacuate your home and throw away your valuables and/or furniture. This makes it a more manageable job for them by getting rid of everything. It’s a difficult decision to make… to be sure to understand that you may need to evacuate and live somewhere else for a few days.

STEP 4 – Steam and/or Chemical Treatment

Depending on your situation and pest professional. You will go through a chemical extermination or heat extermination. Both can put you out of your home for some time and have additional costs. The tough part is… after you do it the 1st time, you will need to do the service again. This means more covering your furniture, disposing of items in the household, and leaving your home.

Note: Steam/Heat treatments are very labor intensive and is always more expensive than normal services.

STEP 5 – Vacuuming

After the chemical or heat treatment is finished. The pest control companies will begin vacuuming up the dead bed bugs and anything else that was in your home. If they use pesticides or chemicals during Step 4(treatment), you could have harmful pesticides absorbed into your A/C system, the vents, carpeting, furniture, cabinetry, etc.

Now remember, you may see blood stains from these dead bed bugs all over your home. Stains on the walls could appear and I am not sure if the company will clean this up for you. In most cases they will not.

STEP 6 – YOU Must Watch For More Bed Bugs

In this step, YOU will have to watch for bed bugs. A pest professional will not be there every day after they done. They have other projects they need to tend to, so you are in charge of making sure you see any bed bugs.

In all cases, if you decided to do an extermination process, instead of using Bed Bug Bully and doing it yourself. Then we recommend using Bed Bug Bully to make sure they don’t come back. Remember Bed Bug Bully can be used to kill bed bugs, and also prevent future outbreaks.

Another good benefit of Bed Bug Bully if you use the product to do the inspection yourself or have a professional do it for you is…

Bed Bug Bully unique formula will either kill bed bugs or make them evacuate your home due to unique cinnamon like aroma. So you don’t have to know all the locations of each bed bug hiding place. This is why the major pest professional companies have been using Bed Bug Bully for a long time. It cuts their labor costs.



Your Options



I hope I could give you broad understanding what happens when hiring a professional. Many clients come to us either before or after a bed bug extermination.

Sometimes clients who used pest professionals were upset… the bed bug professional wasn’t successful and had to do the job again.

Sometimes clients who pest professional were happy… paying a higher price, evacuating their home, and repeating the services to make sure they get rid of the bed bug problem. 

In both cases, I always find clients use Bed Bug Bully in place of a pest professional service or simply as a maintenance product to avoid future repeat service fee’s from the pest control company.

Don’t forget, as a client and also for being on the Bed Bug Bully Help Center list. You will receive pest professional procedures and how to use Bed Bug Bully to get rid of an entire infestation yourself.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to this Bed Bug Bully Help Center so you can receive access to these bed bug inspection procedures.

You will receive the full procedures from inspecting to getting rid of bed bugs, so they never come back.

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What’s Next?


Next we will go over the process of…
how to use Bed Bug Bully …just like pest professionals do when charging for their services.

Whether you have a large infestation in a multi apartment building or in just one room. In the next email you will be given the exact procedures our bed bug professional partners use to get rid of a bed bug infestation, whether large or small.

I will discuss step by step, the costs and benefits of using Bed Bug Bully yourself, versus other products on the market and services out there.

You will be pleasantly surprised the cost difference, success rate, and how simply Bed Bug Bully makes it to get rid of an entire infestation. Remember, with the special formula… not only will Bed Bug Bully kill bed bugs and keep them away. You can and should use the product around your home entirely to scatter bed bugs from their hiding locations.

Be sure to sign up for you complimentary Bed Bug Bully sample, if you haven’t already. You will receive a complete blueprint guide to follow to assure you get rid of any size infestation and never have these bed bugs come back.

How To Use Bed Bug Bully Like A Pest Pro

Don’t forget, in my next email I will be sending you the complete control inspection procedures when using Bed Bug Bully, exactly how pest professionals use the product. You will have all the information you need to make a decision on what works best for you.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to this Bed Bug Bully Help Center so you can receive access to these bed bug inspection procedures.

You will receive the full procedures from inspecting to getting rid of bed bugs, so they never come back.

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Did You Get Your Complimentary Sample?

Remember I am offering a complimentary sample during a private launch for Bed Bug Bully. I made it so it is no risk to you. You receive a complimentary sample with your order. For any reason your not satisfied, no worries you can get a full refund and keep the sample. It’s my way of making sure you don’t waste your time and get close to getting rid of your bed bug infestation.

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  1. Joy McElfresh

    I’ve used bed bug bully and still see them between 12am and 4am when I start itching. I plan on getting another gallon as soon as I can afford it. I gave the rest of my gallon to my brother as his house is really bad with them and that’s where I had a hitch hiker once to infest my house. You can send all the info to me again but I think I kept it in a folder for future use. I will be ordering in the near future because I’ve almost got them conquered . Thanks for this product because I have 5 cats and could not afford to board them so I spray my bedroom and try to keep them out til all is dry. This is a good product.


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