For sometime now, bed bugs have captured the attention of the public – though not in a good way. And with the many unpleasant things that are linked to them, panic goes with their presence. Actually, even in their absence.

It was in 1940s when bed bugs were thought eradicated. After some 60 years of hiatus though, they were back and causing havoc again. And man, do they do it fast and smooth. But along with that came a lot of questions about bed bugs.

What do they look like? Are they a risk to your health? Those are just two of the many common inquiries about the pests.

However, just a few days ago, there were reports saying that panic over bed bugs has ebbed out. Particularly, it has eased off in New York. So the question is – are the bed-bug-risks leading to bed-bug-panic have all been just overrated? Was it all just hype? Do people now think they aren’t much of a threat?

Here’s a part of the news about bed-bug-panic easing off in NYC. Got this from

“The bed bug epidemic that has plagued the city for nearly a decade finally appears to be waning.

2011 was the first year since the launch of the city’s 311 system that the number of bed bug-related complaints and city-issued violations dropped, according to new data obtained by DNAinfo.

The numbers suggest that after years of panic about bed bugs taking over everything from apartment buildings to movie theaters and high-end hotels, property owners have gotten the upper hand.”

Well, apparently, the now calmer attitude toward bed bugs is not because all of their reported negative effects were discovered false. Neither is it because the pests aren’t a problem anymore as they still are. And mind you, they can still infest any place.

The panic over the pests has subsided mainly because people are now more aware of how to deal with them in the right way. And sometimes, instead of calling in issues about bed bugs, many choose to solve the problems by themselves.

But what are the ways to get rid of bed bugs with effectiveness, you might ask. Well, generally, you have two options. It’s either you hire an exterminator or you do the clean-up yourself. Hiring an exterminator will cost you money. However, it’s your best option if the infestation is already massive.

If the number of bed bugs is not yet too big though and if you can handle the treatment yourself, then you can just buy a bed bug spray. This method is safe and if you choose the right product it sure is effective.

However, to also make your second option safe, you have to pick a solution that can kill bed bugs naturally. It’ll save you and your family from the dangers of chemical ingredients.

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