Bed bugs are still on the rise. And with their continued prevalence, your house could be the next place they will invade. But bed bug signs can salvage you from that.

Actually, those pests were once stopped from wrecking havoc to people. That was before the Second World War. And it was done through the use of DDT, a strong chemical pesticide.

Now you have the option to use this non pesticide bed bug spray to stop the infestation.


After the WWII though, DDT was banned. Because of that and a number of other reasons, those vampire-like insects rose. And even years after that, they continue to do so. Now, they are almost everywhere from hotels to libraries, restaurants, shops and even to public transport.

Worse, because of their small size, they can hide on almost anything. That makes them very capable to enter your house unnoticed and infest it in a big scale even before you know it.

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But as said, the bed bug signs can help you with that problem. If you know how to read them, you can benefit a lot of things. Specifically you can:

# Detect Bed Bugs Early

The traces of bed bugs are basically warnings to their presence. And as warnings, you must heed them because they can help you determine early their presence. Else, you will get the worst of what they can bring.

# Find Where They Exactly Hide

The vampire-like bed bugs can hide on any item, crack or crevice. With hundreds of those hiding spots in your house, finding them sure takes a while.


However, if you follow the traces of bed bugs, you will be led to where they exactly hide. That saves you a deal of work and time.

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# Kill Bed Bugs Promptly

But of course, if you can detect those pesky insects and find their hiding spots early, you will also be able to kill them before they can bring in even bigger problems.

As you might already know, professional pest-control treatments to get rid of bed bugs are every expensive. Just one of it can already cause you thousands. Imagine how much it will cost you if they infest even just a quarter of your house.


Hence, killing those bugs as soon as you can is a must to save yourself from a huge spending. And because the signs can help you with that, it goes without saying that they also can aid you save money.

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# Prevent Bed Bug Bites

The longer the critters stay in your home, the bigger is the chance that you will be bitten by them. Even if they already got you, following their signs and getting rid of them early will prevent more of their bites. And generally, that will save you from ugly marks that could cause embarrassment. And because those marks take time to fully disappear, treating them could also bring you some spending.

The Bed Bug Signs

With all those benefits, it really is important that you know how to read bed bug signs. But the question is, what are those signs that you must read? And what exactly do they want to tell you? Well, to help you, here they are:

# Bed Bug Spots

These spots are actually the droppings of bed bugs. They are undigested blood that the critters have to excrete. And because they are in fact blood spots, they are dark maroon in color or black from afar.


Where these bed bug spots are, there or anywhere near it you will find the critters. Particularly though, you will see them in the corners of walls, floors and ceilings. And so, you must check everything surrounding them including every furniture piece, carpet, curtain and wall décor.

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# Bed Bug Shells

This bed bug sign refers to the exoskeleton of the pesky insects. All throughout their lifetime, they shed their skin twice as they grow to adulthood.


Seeing those discarded shells anywhere in your house is a solid proof that you got bed bugs. And what do they tell you? It’s that you must immediately inspect your home and find them cause trouble is boiling.

You must remember, besides the fact that they are quick to breed, bed bugs are also fast to spread. Even just one day of delay finding them could cost you another room to be infested. So, as soon as you see discarded exoskeletons, promptly implement a bed bug inspection.

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# Bed Bug Smell

Actually, a single bed bug don’t smell anything. However, it’s a different story when there are hundreds of them.

It’s probably because they consume blood. Whether that’s the real reason or not, the point is that whenever there are so many of them in one place, experts observed they emit a distinct smell. This scent is a little bit musty. But unlike the smell of mold, it’s a bit foul and sweet at the same time.

Bed Bug Bites

If you miss noticing any of the bed bug signs mentioned above, the bed bug bites can surely give away the presence of those critters. They are those small red marks that often shows up in line of three a few hours after the actual biting.

Besides being red in color, the bite marks also swell and itch. And that makes them hard to miss.


However, you should be careful not to self diagnose and medicate. Bed bug bites share similar appearance with other insect bites. It’s best that you consult a doctor to confirm what you have and get the right treatment for it.

Besides that, of course, you must also search for the other bed bug signs and detect where exactly those bugs are. The sooner you do that, the earlier you could save yourself and your family from all the other bad things those pesky little creatures can bring.

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What Do the Bed Bug Signs Tell You?

As mentioned a few times earlier, the bed bug signs are warnings. And what they tell you in general is to move quick, find those vampire-like critters and promptly exterminate them before it’s too late. Else, you’ll be a living blood bank to them.


But while bed bug inspection may not inlvove any money, bed bug elimination is different. A single treatment by a pest-control company can cost you a few hundreds to a thousand. Even if you choose to deal with them yourself, you will need the help of a bed bug spray to get it done. And that will still require you to spend.

+ Detect Bed Bugs Early

With that said, however you choose to solve your bed bug problem, you must make sure that it is effective. If it is by hiring a professional, see to it that he is a true expert on bed bugs. If it is by using a bed bug spray, ensure that the product really works. Apart from that, it must also be safe to protect your health and that of your family.

Safe and Effective Bed Bug Spray

Sadly though, most of the pesticides today contain strong chemicals that pose risk to both health and the environment. Though they may be effective against bed bugs, their ill effects outweighs their benefits.

However, Bed Bug Bully is different from so many of them. Unlike the conventional pest-control products, it is made with organic ingredients making it safe.


But don’t be mistaken. Although Bed Bug Bully is gentle to health and the environment on one side, it is also tough to bed bugs on the other side. Several hotels, resorts and even pest-control companies have already proven that.

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As pesticide-exempt solution, it is already listed under EPA’s FIFRA 25(b) list. It has also passed several federal programs and guidelines.

The American Academy of Entomoligical Science also recognized Bed Bug Bully. On February 2014, it issued a certification stating the effectiveness of the product against bed bugs and even against other insects.

Here is the certification they issued: