When you see bed bugs, what do you do? Of course, you get rid of them, right? Well, a resident of Village Lake Apartments in Garden City Michigan did just that. However, because of impatience, the plotted killing of the pests turned into a smelly incident.

On Saturday, the said resident sprayed for bed bugs in the affected apartment. It was supposed to be emptied and closed for three hours for safety purposes. Before the time is up though, the occupant entered the room and off came the fumes.

The worse part is that the fumes that leaked to hallways, probably, to other rooms as well, caused several others breathing problems. A dozen families were said affected by the incident and there was one who was even brought to the hospital.

To resolve the problem, hazmat crews were called in.

Here’ a part of the report Bed Bug Treatment Caused Breathing Problems from ClickOnDetroit.com

“A Garden City apartment complex is back to normal after a resident called in an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs, and then created a hazmat situation.

A resident at the Village Lake Apartments sprayed for bed bugs on Saturday afternoon, but entered their apartment before the three hour wait time. That caused the fumes from the extermination to leak into the hallways, according to fire officials.

One person was sent to the hospital, but has since been released. Several people complained of breathing problems.”

Here’s a video showing how a wrong bed bug spray can be more dangerous than bed bugs.

Who would want to live with bed bugs? Nobody. They may not be known to cause matter-of-life-and-death diseases but their presence is just simply annoying. With them are a whole lot of inconveniences. And so, at the sight of them, action must be taken. However, that action must not involve a chemical bed bug treatment.

With a chemical-based bed bug solution, what happened in Garden City Apartment can happen to you too. And it can put at risk not you but your family and others as well. So be wise when picking your bed bug spray. Go for one that is proven safe without throwing effectiveness out in the waste.

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