Bed bug treatments are now some of the most requested pest-control services. And basically, that’s because of the ever increasing number of bed bug cases and a lot of people are thinking ways on how to kill bed bugs.


The increase of those blood-sucking critters has been attributed to a number of things. One, in particular, is the increase of travels. Another is the banning of DDT, a chemical which is said to have controlled the pests before second world war.

But though the real cause or causes of the rising number of bed bugs aren’t yet confirmed, the action to be taken today is sound and clear. That is to know how to get rid of them.

+ Must-Know Facts to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Actually, there are several processes that are meant to eliminate bed bugs. The problem is that not all of them works. Some are just methods of false claims. And needless to say, they will just leave you with bigger problems and more spending. Hence, you must be wary of them.

To help you sort what processes you should consider implementing, here are some of the top bed bug treatment myths that you must always remember.

#1 Bed Bugs Are Exclusive to Beds

True, bed bugs are named after the piece of furniture that they frequent. However, beds are not the only things that they infest.

Actually, those critters can hide and build a nest on almost anything. Be it clothes, closet, drawers, carpets or chairs, they don’t discriminate. Because of that, your treatment must not be solely focused on beds, headboards and mattresses. Inspection must be applied on everything in your house and treatment must promptly implemented on any item or area that need it.

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#2 Once Affected by Bed Bugs, the Furniture Must be Thrown Out

As said, there’s probably not a thing that bed bugs can’t infest. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you must trash everything that they have affected. If that is the case, their presence will be a very huge blow to your budget given that they could spread quick.

The truth is, you can save your furniture pieces from those critters. Even if they are infested by them, you could still salvage the items with the right process to kill bed bugs.


It’s different though if the infestation is already too big. In that case, you may really need to have the piece thrown away. That is why it is important that you are able to detect bed bugs early on. Not only will that save you from a bigger infestation but it will also keep you from spending too big for a furniture replacement.

+ Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Trashing Your Items

#3 Abandoning the Place for Sometime Will Kill Bed Bugs

Bed bugs feed on blood. Hence, if you stay away from your bed bug infested home for sometime, then, those pesky insects will starve and died. You could say that’s logical. However, that will be very expensive.


Those critters, even if they don’t feed for 3 months can still live. Imagine how much it will cost you to stay in a hotel for that period of time. Even if you have another house to live in, the fact remains that abandoning your home for a time will not automatically get rid of bed bugs.

#4 Bed Bug Bombs are Effective Bed Bug Killers

The use of bed bug bombs is a popular option to get rid of the vampire-like critters. Mainly, it’s because it’s an easy method to implement as you just have to set up the bombs in the spots where there the pests are.

However, a recent study had proven that the effectiveness of those things is one of the many bed bug treatment myths. In contrast to what is often advertised of them, they don’t really kill bed bugs in contact. According to some pest companies, they might even make matters worse.


The study conducted by researchers from Department of Entomology at Ohio State University was the one that disproved the kill-in-contact effectiveness of the bed bug bombs. Testing three types of it, they found out they had little to zero effect on the bugs. As stated by them, even after a few days, the critters showed that the foggers did not do any harm to them.

#5 Heat is the Best Bed Bug Remedy

Many say that among the bed bug treatments, the use of heat is the most effective. While that may be true, it isn’t actually the best to implement.

One reason why is that is because of the risks it presents. If not properly executed, it can cause fires in various levels. And in fact, it already to several others who were trying to implement it by themselves.

Another reason is that it is a complicated process. For you to implement it, huge devices are needed. And often, only pest-control companies have those. You may be able to rent those devices but that would cost you big.

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#6 A Mattress Cover Can Keep You Safe From Bed Bugs

Well, if you are talking about bed bugs that are already in your mattress, then the cover will surely protect you from them. It will trap those bugs inside. And with no way out to feed themselves, they could die after a few months.


However, the cover can’t keep bed bugs away from you forever. Remember those pests can come from anywhere and hide on anything. That means anyone can bring them inside your house. And with them being sneaky, they could hide even on the outside seams of the cover itself and bite you at their convenience. Hence, to say that a mattress cover can keep you safe from bed bugs is a bed bug treatment myth.

#7 One Treatment is Enough to Kill Bed Bugs

One bed bug treatment may be able to get rid of bed bugs. But that doesn’t mean it’s all you need to keep them off your home for good.

Given that they are now almost everywhere, any place and anyone can be a source of them. And with the possibility of their return always lingering, you must be ready to implement a second, third or nth bed bug treatment.

But of course, there is a way to prevent repeating bed bug treatments and their accompanying expenses. And that is to block the re-entry of the critters themselves.

+ Prevent Bed Bugs For Good

Now, how do you do that? Well, it’s not a one-step process. It takes several actions and a continuous implementation to make it a success.


But generally, what you need to do keep those critters away is not to let just anything get inside your house without a careful check. Besides that, you must implement a regular inspection looking into every spot where they could possibly hide. Also you must always bed ready to eliminate them as soon as possible so could stop them from further spreading and causing problems.

Bed Bug Treatment Warnings

Now that we’ve trampled the bed bug treatment myths, let’s move on to some things you must be very careful with when you’re already eliminating those critters.

These bed bug treatment warnings will surely serve you well. Not only will they help make your bed bug elimination effective, they will also aid you in turning it into a easy, fast and safe process.

#1 Bed Bugs Can Hide on Anything

As mentioned any item can be home for those pesky creatures. So, when trying to get rid of them, make sure to look into everything. Particularly, check every nook and cranny in your home. You must remember that just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there.


#2 If You Got the Adult Bed Bugs, You Might Also Have Their Eggs

Killing the adults alone will not keep those critters away from your home for long. Inspect your house for their eggs and nymphs as well to prevent future recurrence.


+ Know Where Bed Bugs Hide

#3 Do Not Delay Your Bed Bug Treatment

In a number of days, bed bugs can double their number. They are quick to re-populate and spread. And given that ability, it’s not good to delay the process to eliminate them.

A delayed bed bug treatment could be too late of a step to isolate a single bed bug case. It could lead to an infestation that will affect your entire home and will weigh heavy on your budget for the treatments that will be needed.

#4 Some Bed Bug Products Can Be Bad to Health

A good option to get rid of bed bugs is to hire a pest-control professional. However, if you’re in a tight budget, this is a bit of a stretch.

A cheaper option is to do the elimination yourself. For this, you will need to get your own bed bug spray. The problem is that most of the bed bug products today contain ingredients that could be harmful to health. Still there are some that are made safer and they are the kind that you must purchase.


Bed Bug Bully is among those safer bed bug sprays. Unlike the conventional pesticides, it is made with organic ingredients. It is even on EPA’s FIFRA 25(b) list of pesticide-exempt products.

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In addition to being safe, it is also a very effective help. A recent case study in a rehab facility just proven.

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Because of it, Bed Bug Bully also received a certification from a third-party organization – American Academy of Entomological Sciences.

Here is a photo of the certification: