If there are bed bugs in your place, the best course of action is to hire professionals to do the treatment. The problem is that bed bug exterminators charge hundreds, if not thousands, for their services. And in this time of tight economy, surely, that expense is too much for anybody. But if you think bug bombs are the solutions to that problem, well, you got it wrong.

To get rid of bed bugs without spending much, many resort to bug bombs. Bug bombs are basically aerosol products that fill an entire room after settling it off. ‘Foggers’ is another term used to refer to them.

Costing at about $10, the foggers are no doubt a cheap ‘bed bug product’. Nonetheless, according to a study by the entomologists at Ohio State University, they don’t work. Hence, the use of them actually adds more to your expenses instead of reducing it.

Apart from that, bug bombs bring with them health risks. Based on a report by Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2008, there were 466 fogger-related illnesses recorded in eight states. That’s from year 2001 up to 2006.
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“Do-it-yourself “bombs” or “foggers” that target bugs by filling entire rooms with aerosol insecticide are billed as an easy, cost-effective alternative to pricey pro exterminators. Although these products are indeedcheap, retailing at hardware stores for around $10, if you use them on bed bugs you’re likely to get what you pay for.

In a new study, the first of its kind to be published, entomologists at Ohio State University tested three commercially available foggers – sold under the Hot Shot, Spectracide, and Eliminator brands, respectively – and concluded that all three products were virtually useless at fighting bed bug infestations.”

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Bed bugs have long been resistant to chemicals. And so, the use of conventional chemical-based pesticides is not good enough to eliminate them. To get rid of the pests for good, you have to implement a regular bed bug inspection followed by a prompt bed bug treatment. And to make that more effective, the product you have to use must be well picked.

There are now organic-based and pesticide-exempt bed bug sprays available. With them, you can eliminate the vampire-like pests easy and quick with yours or your family’s health. The best of them that you can get is Bed Bug Bully.

Large pest-control companies have been using it for years. And now, after a renewed license, you can have this affordable, safe and effective bed bug product.

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