Bed Bugs Can Make You Anxious

Lately, the number of bed bug infestation across the United States has been increasing. In fact, infestation all around the globe has been rising. As a result, many become anxious about being the pests’ next victim.

However, can bed bugs really make someone anxious?

Well, according to Evan Reider, MD, of Langone Medical Center, they indeed can. And who wouldn’t be anxious thinking that some pests can be staying in your bed? And worse, they can also suck your blood when you are sleeping. With them proving wrong that you are safe from anything in your own room, it’s quite easy to seem bed bugs as causes of anxiety.

Actually, the pests can make someone more than just anxious. They can also cause mood disorders. Although there has been just a few cases of it today, the point is, they can really bring more than just anxiety.

Mainly, it is because bed bugs have more personal negative effects to humans that they can cause anxiety, depression and mood disorders. The fact that can stay in your home unknown to you somehow decreases the protection that a home or room promises. More than that, they feed on human blood and the thought that they could be sharing a bed with you is just mind-bugging.

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The media frenzy surrounding reports of bedbug infestations in New York may increase acute anxiety and mood disorders.

Although the numbers of cases are few — just 10 in the study reported here — Evan Rieder, MD, of Langone Medical Center, and colleagues are urging colleagues to be aware of the risk associated with the current bedbug outbreak.


Rieder speculated that bedbugs create a unique problem compared with other pests such as cockroaches and mice because their effects are felt a bit more personally, as the latter don’t have such a close, physical effect on humans.

Bedbugs are also much harder to detect and exterminate, which could reduce a patient’s ability to feel confident about being secure in their space, Rieder said.

Similarly, he said, the bed is associated with comfort and protection, and not knowing whether the pests are there can undermine that.


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With bed bug infestation come many structural and financial problems. In addition to that, they can also cause paranoia and even mood disorders.

Surely, it is hard to fix the anxiety and depression the pests’ infestation can bring. Time is needed to treat them. However, the structural and financial ill effects of it, you can easily solve. There are bed bug killers that you can purchase and easily apply to the area infested.

As it will be long before the emotional baggage of the infestation is off, at least, with bed bug killers, you can minimize the ill effects of the pests.


  1. bed bug guys, I got rid of my vampires by being the bait but surrounded by an organic sea substance that microscopically shreds the bugs lungs to shreds.They die. I will continue having a circle of this dust embedded around my bed as long as I live. I have not suffered from a bed bug bite in over a year.

    • Hi Scotty!

      Your comment is the most poetic post I ever read about getting rid of bed bugs! ;-) That is fantastic news, I am so glad you got rid of your bed bug problem. Thanks for taking a chance with us. We appreciate it and love to hear stories like yours.


  2. I agree with what. You said but to find the right stuff to kill the bed bugs is hard when your on a limited budget plus after awhile they become immune to some solutions’ ‘

    • Hi Diane, thanks for commenting.

      I understand and glad you shared your situation…

      Our entire mission is helping as many people as we can. While we can’t give the product away free, because of so much costs we incur.
      We do have a complimentary sample of Bed Bug Bully, you will just need to pay shipping. This may help you.

      But depending on your infestation you may need more than a sample to totally get rid of the problem. I usually recommend a 32oz Bed Bug Bully for a room and 1 gallon for 2 rooms and future prevention.

      Regarding, bed bugs becoming immune, our product is being used by pest professionals, theme parks, resorts, and medical facilities since 2010. So they have not become immune to bed bug bully.

  3. Bedbugs have gotten into the cushions on my wife’s wheelchair. I have taken the cushions out and sprayed the whole chair. I put the cushions in the dryer for one half hour, and they still are there. Please help me.

    • Hi William, I’m sorry to hear about your wife and her wheel chair.

      I think your problem is not only the wheel chair. It’s most likely not finding the source of the problem. I believe your bed bugs are in hiding locations around your home and since your wife is in a wheel chair they keep coming back.

      Be sure to go thru the Bed Bug Bully Help Center – Inspection Procedures

      You will see multiple links for mattress inspection, boxspring, bedroom, etc.

      You will need to get to the source of the bed bug problem. The wheel chair cushion is not the source of the problem. Go thru the guides and use Bed Bug Bully throughout the entire area of your home. Don’t be alarmed if you see MORE bed bugs come out of their hiding locations. Our product formulation will do this and begin killing them.

      Then finally use Bed Bug Bully to create a barrier around your home to prevent future infestations.

      Lastly, for all sheets and linens, use the Bed Bug Bully Detergent.

      This detergent will also kill the eggs and juvenile bed bugs in your linens. Just putting your sheets in the dryer and heat will not do the trick. Use a detergent that is natural, yet formulated to kill bed bugs.

      Hope that helps, keep me posted.


  4. Hi. We had an awful infestation and got professional help. Thankfully, it worked, but we live in dread of a recurrence. We were told the original problem could have come from luggage we had unpacked on top of a hotel bed. Is there a way to treat our very nice luggage to kill all the bedbugs and offspring that might infest it? Thanks!

    • Great question Judy, Happy to hear you found a solution.

      It’s good to think about prevention. In many cases they do come back(even after professional exterminations).

      Reason being: Not getting all of them on that first extermination process.

      Or they simply left to go to a neighbors place, etc.

      So they may be gone now or their eggs still there that have not hatched.

      What you can do is this:

      + Read thru our Bed Bug Bully Help Center

      + Read up on how to inspect your home for bed bugs

      This will make sure they are out of your home and have no stragglers hanging around waiting to hatch.

      Finally, to keep them away for good, use Bed Bug Bully and create a barrier around your home (like an invisible wall).

      IMPORTANT: Read thru this full guide on how to your own bed bug extermination using Bed Bug Bully, that will help make sure to keep them away for good.

      Just do this for the first 30 to 60 days to be safe, or whenever you think you see another bed bug.

      Hope that helps, keep me posted.


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