Even the nation’s capital is not spared by bed bugs. Last week, it was reported that DC’s Department of Health office was infested by the pests. Apparently though, the problem is not being seriously taken, said an email obtained by The Washington Times.

It was said that the pests were seen in the vital statistics area of the health department office three times. Twice were the bed bugs seen in the counters and once in an employee’s jacket. The first incident said happened on Thursday, May 10.

According to one employee of the department, they already contacted their management about the problem but it seems that no one is seriously taking it. However, on May 16, the labor advisor of DOH, Earl H. Murphy Jr. confirmed the bed bug problem in an email and stated that they were addressing the problem. However, he added that they can’t close the office but that the employees will be informed of the preventive measures they need to take.

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“Bed bugs have infested the vital statistics department of the D.C. Department of Health (DOH), according to emails obtained by The Washington Times that show DOH officials have been slow to eradicate the problem.

The blood-sucking insects, found at the agency’s North Capitol Street offices, first surfaced last Thursday, according to representatives of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 383, which represents DOH workers.”

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The fact that bed bugs has reached DC and infested it’s health department, nonetheless, just proves that the pests spare no place or nobody. Even the cleanest places they can infest. And so, even you can suffer from their presence and the many problems that it brings.

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