Bed bugs are a nuisance. There is no doubt about that. They can bite and leave you with red and itchy welts. Even after a bed bug treatment, they can also return and cause you more problems. And that is exactly what Hempfield Towers experienced.

The senior residence building was scheduled for a mandatory inspection last week due to reports of bed bug re-infestation. Just March of this year was the last encounter of the residents with the blood-sucking insects. As many as seven apartments were reported infested and had to be remediated.

In this recent infestation, four apartments were reported affected by the pests. The scheduled inspection will confirm the reappearance of bed bugs. However, authorities can’t afford to wait for the results and moved ahead for the remediation. They hired a third-party exterminator and changed her whole elimination method.

During the last March bed bug outbreak, authorities only inspected units suspected with bed bugs. This time, however, inspection will be implemented to all 202 apartments.

Read an excerpt of the report Bed Bugs Reinfested Hempfield Towers from

“A mandatory inspection of all 202 apartments in Hempfield Towers could be initiated as early as next week as Westmoreland County Housing Authority officials work to stave off a reported growing bedbug infestation at the low-income senior high-rise.

Executive Director Mike Washowich said four residents on Wednesday reported that bedbugs were in their homes. In March, the authority confirmed that as many as seven apartments were infested and needed remediation for the nuisance insects.”

For all the nasty bite marks and many other problems that they can bring, bed bugs surely deserve to be eliminated. However, you must take note that the pests can always return. Small and transient as they are, it is easy for bed bugs to start another infestation anywhere in your home.

And so, bed bug prevention and inspection must always follow your first bed bug elimination. However, to make sure that your initial bed bug treatment is effective and safe and you’ll be ready for a possibly another sighting, your bed bug spray must be well-picked. Apart from effective, the product must also be safe.

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