Bed Bug Bully Being Used On Backpacks

Backpacks Now Home for Bed Bugs!

The number of bed bug infestation decreased in a number of places. Nationally though, bed-bug-related complaints have increased. Sioux Falls in South Dakota is one of the cities experiencing the rise in bed bug cases. And though the vampire-like pests are mostly found in residences, reports have it that they were also seen in the backpacks of the city’s students.

To address the problem, Sioux Fall’s Health Department is spreading awareness about the pests. It also provides guidelines as how to prevent bed bug infestation. The city’s Program Coordinator, Denise Patton, even warned residents to not be fooled by the pests’ name. Though they are named as “bed bugs”, they can actually infest even appliances, walls and almost anything, she said.

However, despite being discovered in students’ backpacks, Patton added that schools are not likely to get infested. But given that bed bugs are small, are quick to hide and hitchhike and are lovers of high-traffic places, are schools really safe from their presence?

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The Sioux Falls Health Department has received reports of bed bugs being found in a Sioux Falls school on kids’ backpacks.

Just in the last year, more cases of bed bugs have been reported all over the city, keeping exterminators busier than ever. The health department has been responding by creating more awareness about preventing the problem before it starts.

“A bed bug can find its way anywhere,” SF Health Program Coordinator Denise Patton said.


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Just because you don’t see them does not mean they aren’t there. That’s how sneaky bed bugs are. And with how fast they spread and multiply, no one is safe from their presence nowadays. Even schools are at risk of being infested. Hence, you and everybody else must learn how to kill bed bugs with effectiveness.

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