Bed Bugs Caused Tenant-Landlord Rift in Royal Palm Beach

Bed Bugs Caused Tenant-Landlord Rift in Royal Palm Beach

Everyday, there could be a new bed bug attack happening somewhere though at times it goes unreported. Reported or not though, one thing for sure is that it causes so many troubles. One, in particular, is causing a rift between a tenant and a landlord. And, probably the latest example of it is the one that took place in Royal Palm Beach.

Gina Eubanks is a tenant in one of the Royal Palm Beach apartments. This New Year’s weekend though she will have to spend in a motel. And that’s all thanks, or should I say no thanks, to the crawling, blood-sucking bed bugs.

While staying in a motel, Gina’s apartment is being treated with high heat to kill bed bugs. However, she refuses to pay for the treatment expenses. Stating that the bed bugs were already there when she moved in August, she said she doesn’t think it’s right that she holds responsible for the extermination.

On the other hand, the landlord has not yet revealed his side.

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Palm Beach County woman is fighting bed bugs … and now her landlord as a result.

Gina Eubanks is spending this New Year’s weekend in a motel, her clothing stuffed in bags and her entire apartment being attacked with high heat, all to get rid of the pesky, biting bedbugs, WPBF 25 News’ Terri Parker reported.

But she said her landlord knew these bugs were here before she moved in, so why should she pay for all of this expense?

“I had to throw my bed out,” Eubanks told Parker on Friday.

Eubanks said she moved in in August, and Parker on Friday spoke to the previous renter, who confirmed that she, too, had bedbugs.


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