Bed Bugs Treatment On Skin

Bed bug bites on your kids skin can end in misery for both you and your precious one if quick steps are not taken The bugs are parasites that survive by sucking warm blood from their host, and they usually attack at night when their host is sleeping. Bed bugs got their name because they are commonly found on beds and mattresses, couches, airplane seats, and on the cracks and crevices of hotel beds and sofa sets. The bites do not cause the spread of serious nor minor diseases, but they can cause distress and discomfort out of the itchy and reddish welts brought by tick bites on human.

How Does a Bug Attack

Bites on kids and adults are inflicted when a bed bug gets in contact with the skin surface of a human being. Bed bugs can also feed on warm-blooded animals, but human beings are more susceptible to bug bites because of its exposed skin surfaces unlike furry animals. Before sucking blood on their host, the bed bug injects saliva into the skin. Their saliva contains chemicals that prevent blood from clotting while this tick bites on human. A bed bugs saliva also contains natural anesthetic that prevents the host from feeling anything while it is still sucking.

Risk Factors of Bed Bugs

The bites are caused by tiny insects that cannot be seen without a closer look or serious scrutiny on possible areas where these bugs are located. However, there are certain situations that can make these parasites feed on your children more easily. These situations include any of the following:

* Buying second-hand mattresses or pre-owned furniture

* Recent travel with your kids and family where you stayed in hotel rooms

* Tick bites on human are increasingly noticed among students who stay in dormitories due to foreign students who possibly transfer bed bugs through airplanes and hotel stopovers

* Mattresses or beds that are not regularly cleaned or inspected

Home Treatment for Bug Bites

Tick bites on human especially children do not require serious medical attention, however if not treated quickly they can cause misery and discomfort. The bites can be treated by using home remedies or concoctions derived from your kitchen or refrigerator. These home cures include the following:

* Make a paste out of water and baking soda then apply it directly on the bug bites.

* If you suspect that you were bitten with bed bugs, wash the bitten area with rubbing alcohol to get rid of the salivas itchy effect on human skin.

* You can also mix herbal tea powder and water to make a solution. Apply the solution on the affected area to get rid of itchiness.

* Get a slice of raw potato and place it over the welts and bites. Leave it on for a few minutes to get rid of swelling.

* Mix a teaspoon of oatmeal with water to make a paste. Apply it on the tick bites on human to reduce the redness. Powder oatmeal can also have the same healing effect on the host.

Prevention Techniques

* Avoid buying second-hand furniture and mattresses.

* Sundry your foams and mattresses every now and then to naturally kill bed bugs.

* Have your sofas and furniture dry-cleaned to prevent bed bug bites on your little ones.

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