Green Bed Bug Treatment - Tea Tree Oil

Green Bed Bug Treatment – Tea Tree Oil

Awareness to the harm that chemicals bring are now growing. As a result, more and more  people now prefer green bed bug treatment. However, there are still some who are in doubt of their effectiveness.

We got this inquiry about the effectiveness of using tea tree oil for bed bug treatment.

Does 100% tea tree oil work for getting rid of bed bugs?

I plan to spray each & every corner, inch and crevice of my matress. 3 days in a row to let it dry over night. Then vacuum and put on a plastic cover. Or should I spray my mattress all over with rubbing alcohol, vacuum, allow it to dry overnight and then put on a cover?

Which is the more effective method?
rubbing alcohol spray, then steam it with an iron. Then apply the plastic bed cover.

Among the best responses we got is this:

I have read that tea tree oil does not kill bed bugs. But it is effective for head lice and ringworm. But, nothing beats a failure but to try. Try it, It may work, since tea tree oil’s vapors get into the air, which may penetrate their shell and kill them. The ingredient that is used in most head lice over the counter solutions is the same ingredient that is found in some bed bug sprays. I just would not sleep in the room for several days until the odor is gone, and no more signs of bugs. It is not safe to inhale the vapors directly. Tea Tree Oil should be used with windows open…… good ventilation.

Apart from tea tree oil, there are many other home remedies that can effectively get rid of bed bugs. If you want to use an alcohol, here’s a video that can help  you:

However, if you would like a more convenient yet still safe and environment-friendly bed bug treatment, you can just purchase a green bed bug spray.

There are many organic-based bed bug sprays that are now for sale. When looking for one though, make sure that you will purchase only a truly green beg bug killer just like Bedbugbully.


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