How to Kill Body Lice in Easy Ways

How to Kill Body Lice in Easy Ways

How to kill body lice? Prevention could be the best treatment before they can have the opportunity to live in your body and feed their selves with your blood. Proper hygiene and regular laundering of clothes is the best control.

Ways to Kill Body Lice

To kill body lice it will require great time and effort.

  • Thorough Washing of Clothes – daily washing of clothes in a hot water will surely help kill body lice. Body lice primarily live at clothes especially those not properly washed and a bit fetid. Also include bed sheets and pillows and other things that possibly linked in your body.
  • Drying the clothes – kill body lice by drying them in a highest heat as possible. If just in case they can survive the thorough washing heating them for a long period of time will absolutely kill them. Ironing clothes will also help you kill body lice.
  • Washing of Beddings – Also include bed sheets and pillows and other things that possibly linked in your body. Washing your beddings will also help eradication of eggs and adult lice.
  • Hygiene for the other Member of the Family – preventing body lice from transferring to the other member of the family will help eradicate these insects. They are more likely to transfer to the other member with poor hygiene.
  • Disinfectant and Medicated Shampoo – this would be your last step after all those procedure and yet you’re not sure if they are all eradicated. You may use disinfectant to kill possible eggs and adults in any part of your home. Most doctors recommend medicated soap and shampoo to kill body lice and head lice. Use it daily to make sure they will never come back.

Other Types of Lice

  • Mites – are small (most are microscopic) parasitic insects mostly infesting with dogs and cats. To kill mice, use suggested ways in treating parasitic insects.
  • Crabs – are parasitic insects infesting in human genitals. Also found in some hairy part of our body like eyelashes. Use the prescribed ways to kill crab lice. They might put your health at risk.
  • Scabies – is a contagious disease caused by mites. Mostly occurs to human as a sign of allergic reaction. The early signs of scabies are rashes, holes, skin irritation and sometimes burns. In some cases, these can infect the whole person’s body and becomes known as coated scabies or Norwegian scabies.

Kill body lice, head lice, mites, crab lice, scabies and any other form of parasitic insects that might put your health at risks through thorough washing of clothes, lines and bedding, drying them up, and proper hygiene with the use of prescribed medicated soap and shampoo…

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