New York Warmed Up to Bed Bugs, Panic Over the Pests Subsided

New York Warmed Up to Bed Bugs, Panic Over the Pests Subsided

In the recent list of bed bug infested cities, New York ranked high. It placed at number nine. However, things are looking up for New Yorkers. Panic over bed bugs and even the number of bed bug cases reportedly went down this year.

Based on the Department of Housing, Preservation and Development’s record, complaints about bed bug infestation in the city decreased by 12 percent this fiscal year. From 10 241 last year, the complaints went down to 9 029 this year. Even bed bug complaints against landlords jumped down this year for 19 percent numbering from 3 3559 to 2 893. Calls regarding bed bugs also decreased by 17 percent with last years’ 8 736 falling to 7 245.

Despite the decline in bed bug cases though, the fact that many Big Apple residents still suffer from the blood-fed pests remains. However, based on their calls, residents are now calmer and more accepting about bed bug incidents said Natalie Raben of one New York remediation firm.

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Bedbugs taking over New York City? Scratch that.

Make no mistake, the irritating little critters are still crawling all over the place. But new numbers obtained by NBC New York suggest the panic has subsided and the battle against the blood-sucking critters is headed in the right direction.

Complaints to the city’s Department of Housing, Preservation and Development are down 12 percent, from 9,029 in this fiscal year to date, compared with 10,241 for the same period in the previous fiscal year.


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Panic can’t kill bed bugs. And given the fact that the pests can now go anywhere and infest any place, it’s best that you become more accepting of the possibility of getting infested as NYC residents did. With that, you can ready yourself for their probable presence. In addition to that, you also need to be calmer. It will you help you get rid of them with a sound mind.

Getting a bed bug spray ready is one of the preparations you can take to better deal with possible bed bug presence. With it, you can prevent a major infestation as it can help you get rid of the pests fast and easy. And if you want to kill bed bugs naturally, there are products as Bed Bug Bully that are made safe and effective with the use of biodegradable ingredients.

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