By: Asseth Evanie
March 25, 2011

Bed bugs a tiny insect that crawls at night. They feed from human bloods as well as animals. Bed bugs infestation is difficult to detect, since they are small in size. They can only be detected by human when there are bed bugs symptoms such as bed bugs rash.

Here’s the good news! There’s a company in Houston that offers bed bugs spotting. With their trained canine dog name Frisbee, they offer services for bed bugs detection in the vicinity. The canine capability to track down bed bugs is 97%, which is a big difference compare to human capability.

Along with the services are bed bugs treatment using organic products purchase from natural organic manufacturer like Property Perfections.

Here’s an interesting news:

Great News Houston! ABC Home & Commercial Services now has the latest and greatest for early warning detection of bed bugs. It is a bed bug detection canine named Frisbee.

Instead of homes, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters or buses waiting until bed bug populations hit such numbers that bed bugs are feeding on unsuspecting passengers or guests, Frisbee can sniff out the bed bugs and treatment can be done before hundreds of people unsuspectingly carry bed bugs off and infect their homes and other public areas.

Frisbee is 97% effective in detecting the presence of bed bugs whereas a human is usually only 35% effective.

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In addition, bed bugs pictures is another way to identify these insects.

Now that you can effortlessly detect bed bugs infestation at home, in schools, hotels and theatres; you need to know how to kill beds bugs as well as how to get rid of bed bugs. Bed bugs treatment can be certainly easy with green cleaning products, which are safe to humans and our planet. Visit My Cleaning Products for limited trial offer.

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