Case Study

Adult Rehabilitation Center Switches From Using Well-Known Bed Bug Insecticide To Using Bed Bug Bully.

This Adult Rehabilitation Center switched from using a well-known bed bug insecticide to Bed Bug Bully bed bug spray after experiencing its primary benefits:

+ Bio-Pesticide, EPA 25 (b) Exempt
+ No special certification needed or training to apply
+ Killed bed bugs on contact + Provided 30-day residual kill (60%
+ of bed bug population is hidden from view)
+ Safe to use around residents/children
+ All ingredients are EPA G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe) + Kept rooms in use with no down-time, saved power by eliminating heat treatment

The Results Of The Case Study

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How Did Bed Bug Bully Hold Up?

Rehabilitation Center With Bed BugsAdult rehabilitation centers and homeless shelters provide safe harbor to individuals experiencing difficult times. The sleeping arrangements in these facilities are often quite close and a bed bug outbreak spreads with lightning speed. Recently, a local adult rehabilitation center discovered they had just experienced another bed bug outbreak over the weekend. They had been treating these outbreaks with repeated application of another leading bed bug insecticide, creating barriers with diatomaceous earth, and turning up the heat in the affected rooms.

While The Facility Used Other Insecticides

All of the facility’s dorm rooms accommodate seven beds and take the better part of two days to heat, spray, and clean-up. With their housing in great demand, having these rooms out of service was not an ideal situation.

Initial Treatment (Not Using Bed Bug Bully):

+ Two Days Of Heat
+ Two Days of Spraying (Diatomaceous Earth)
+ Clean Up

Additionally, as the heat was cranked up in the dorm area, it compromised other areas of the building. They were unable to operate any of their laundry facilities due to the drain on the power supply. The air conditioning was disabled for almost 50% of a floor due to the configuration of the building’s duct work and power source.

Initial Treatment Negatives (Not Using Bed Bug Bully):

+ Bed Bug Infestation Re-Occurred
+ Facility Was Not Able To Operate Laundry Facilities
+ Air Conditioning Was Disabled For 50% Of Floor
+ Drained Power Supply

Treatment With Bed Bug Bully

The application of Bed Bug Bully was a complete success. Immediately the facilities noticed the bed bugs were killed immediately or scattering to areas away from the applied locations of the product. Due to the natural formulation which contained only ingredients that the EPA regards as G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe). The facility was able to use the product on any kind of surface to kill and also prevent bed bugs from re-infesting the problematic areas.

Keeping The Bed Bugs Away

American Academy of Entomological Sciences The unique formula is not only classified as a non pesticide by the EPA under FIFRA 25. The formula has also past third party certifications of it’s efficacy from the American Academy of Entomological Sciences to all mortality in the test areas again bed bugs, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, fleas, and cockroaches after application per label directions for a period of 30 days. This is what is known as a 30 day residual to prevent bed bug infestations from re-occurring. After learning about Bed Bug Bully and the benefits of using a product that was not only third-party certified for effectiveness, but contained only ingredients that the EPA regards as G.R.A.S. (Generally Regarded As Safe), they were fast to try the product. The results were so impressive they immediately became long time clients of the unique formula.

Third Party Certification


Benefits Of Using Bed Bug Bully:

Bed_Bug_Bully_LogoThe benefits the facility experienced in keeping rooms in use, saving power by not running high heat, and easy, effective application more than justified the additional cost of Bed Bug Bully. In summary, the facility stated these unique benefits they did experience when using the unique formula. + Keeping Rooms in Use + Not Having To Throw Away Furniture/Bedding + No Need For High Heat + Easy & Affective Application (No Certs or Training Needed) + Can Be Applied On Linens, Sheets, Carpeting, Without Staining

The formula is classified by the EPA under FIFRA 25(b) as a non pesticide product to kill bed bugs, so you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals being using on your facility, beds or in your home.

What’s Next?

Next we will be sending over some video training/webinar to get rid of your bed bugs. Whether you have a large infestation in a multi apartment building or in just one room. In the next email I will share with your a video explaining how to go about getting rid of your infestation. It will be a review of everything we learned so far and some other important procedures you will want to know. Don’t forget, be sure to sign up for you complimentary Bed Bug Bully sample, if you haven’t already. You will receive a complete blueprint guide to follow to assure you get rid of any size infestation and never have these bed bugs come back.

Video Training For Your Bed Bug Infestation

Don’t forget, in my next email I will be sending you a video training and webinar to help you personally with your bed bug problem. I will break it down into 3 parts… + Preparation + Inspection + Extermination If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to this Bed Bug Bully Help Center so you can receive access to these bed bug inspection procedures. You will receive the full procedures from inspecting to getting rid of bed bugs, so they never come back.

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Did You Get Your Complimentary Sample?

Remember I am offering a complimentary sample during a private launch for Bed Bug Bully. I made it so it is no risk to you. You receive a complimentary sample with your order. For any reason your not satisfied, no worries you can get a full refund and keep the sample. It’s my way of making sure you don’t waste your time and get close to getting rid of your bed bug infestation.


  1. JENNIFER Gregory

    Still fighting!! How many treatments does it take to completely get rid if these things??

    • Markus

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for commenting. It really depends on the size of the infestation and making sure you get to the source of the issue. But continue using weekly treatments if possible. Initially you may see more bed bugs, don’t worry this is because they are coming out of their hiding locations. Then the infestation will diminish over time as you continue using Bed Bug Bully.

      But do check to see if there any external forces causing the bed bugs to come to your home. Make sure no neighbors have them or items outside your home have bed bugs.

      If you see outside issues with bed bugs, no worries, you will just want to spray Bed Bug bully along your perimeter of your home as well. This will create a barrier to prevent future infestations from coming back. Do this at least every 30 days. Doing it more continually will be best, of course.

      It’s a battle, but persistence is very important because you may have had a large infestation you were not aware of.

      Keep me posted



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