Bed bugs are just some of the pests that can infest your place. However, they are some of the worst kind that you could ever get. That is why it is a very important to detect bed bugs early.

As you know, there are several unpleasant things that comes with the presence of bed bugs. Sleepless nights, itchy and swelling bites and huge expense for their treatment are just a number of them.

However, you don’t really need to experience those and all the other ill effects of bed bug infestation. You could escape them if you could detect those critters early on.

Early detection of those pesky insects basically means you could prevent their females from laying more eggs and doubling their population. That also means you could stop them from spreading to other areas inside or outside of your house.

Considering that, you must really know the process of bed bug detection. While it’s true that it will take some work, it will pay off. After all, to know if you got bed bugs is the key to get rid of them. So, why not do it as early as possible?

Steps to Know Early If You Got Bed Bugs

As said, it will take a bit of work to detect bed bugs. Given that they are tiny, they could hide well on almost any crack or crevice. But that’s not all. They could also keep hidden and stay alive for months even without feeding.

Because of that, just because you don’t see bed bugs doesn’t exactly mean that you don’t have them. It could mean that they are there but are just waiting.

Given the risks that presents, you must take it on your own to discover their presence. And to help you with that, here are the steps you must follow in order to early detect bed bugs.

Know How to Correctly Identify Bed Bugs

To fight bed bugs, you must first know how to identify them. And the way to know those critters is to see pictures of bed bugs.

Because they are so small, bed bugs are often mistaken as other insects. However, though tiny, they can still be seen with a naked eye and be distinguished from other critters of the same size.

To correctly identify bed bugs is a really important step. That’s because it is only by it that you will be able to take the right actions to get rid of them. If you mistake them for something and implement a treatment not appropriate for them, you could end up spending without resolving the problem. Worse, it could make the problem bigger.

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Stay Alert of Bed Bug Signs

Bed bugs’ small size is actually one of their strengths. It enables them to hide in almost anything without being easily noticed.

However, if you’re always on the lookout for the signs of their presence, you could detect them early. And while there’s not yet many of them, that will allow you to get rid of them quickly. That also means you will have to spend less time and energy.

But what are those things that hint the critters’ presence?

 * Red and Itchy Bite Marks

Apart from the fact that they usually feed at night, bed bugs bite painlessly. That is why they aren’t often caught in the act of sucking blood.


But though they don’t cause pain when they are feeding, they leave marks that usually show up a few hours after the bite. Those marks itch and swell and if scratched, they could lead to infections and other problems. Besides that, they could also leave permanent blotches on the skin if they heal without proper treatment.

Considering that, if you got yourself bites that you think are from bed bugs, immediately take action. Thoroughly inspect your home. And of course, you must not forget to consult a doctor for confirmation that the marks are indeed from bed bugs and for proper medication.

* Dark and Small Spots

As you know bed bugs feed on blood. However, they are not able to digest all of it. Some come out of their systems as excretions of dark and small matters.


Those excretions stain the materials where they are left off with specks of dark spots. Often, you will see them in walls and ceilings. And so, if you see those blotches, be alarmed and check the areas near it. It highly likely that bed bugs are just around the corners.

+ Look for Any Bed Bug Sign in Your Room

* Discarded Shells

Bed bugs’ discarded shells are solid indicators that you got those critters. They molt twice in their lives so if you’ve seen any of their exoskeletons, it’s sure that they are somewhere in your house.


Look into the furniture, cracks and crevices near the spot where you found the empty shells. And you need to do it quick. Remember that they spread and breed fast, so the earlier you confirm their presence, the better.

* Sweet Musty Smell

A group of bed bugs gives off a sweet and musty kind of smell. Follow where it comes from to verify if it is indeed coming from those critters.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Any sign mentioned above can indicate the presence of bed bugs. However, you will still need to confirm their presence and know where exactly they are hiding. And because of that, inspection is a must.

With their small size, bed bugs could hide on almost anything. But particularly, they like to stay in warm and dark spaces. Hence, when inspecting a place or a furniture piece for their presence, especially look into small openings and in-betweens. They provide the most conducive spaces for those critters so they will be most likely there.

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Repeat the Inspection in Regular Interval

As mentioned earlier, bed bugs’ small size works well for them. And that basically allows them to sneak their way in to anywhere, sometimes even more than one time.


Because of that, you must implement a bed bug inspection regularly. You could have it once a week or twice a month. That way, in case those critters get past your preventive measures yet again, you could find them right away and prevent them from causing you even worse problems.

What to Do After Bed Bug Detection?

With the steps given, sure thing, you will be able to detect bed bugs. However, detecting them is just half of the whole process of eliminating them.

After the detection, you must kill those critters immediately. Do not delay their elimination because that will not bid well for you. Remember, they breed and spread fast. In just a matter of days they could already double their number and infest numerous parts of your residence.

+ What to Expect from a Bed Bug Treatment

But What Kind of Bed Bug Treatment Should You Implement?

Well, there are several process that are said able to kill bed bugs. Nonetheless, the most convenient to implement the use of a bed bug spray.

Because, it is a point and spray method, you could get it done right away. Apart from that, it isn’t difficult to obtain the product compared to the huge devices used in other treatments.

You must remember though that not just any bed bug spray will do. The product must be proven effective so you could promptly stop the critters from terrorizing your home and keep yourself from wasting time, money and effort.

In addition to being effective, see to it that it is also safe. You don’t want to get rid of bed bugs at the cost of your health or that of your family member so check the ingredients of the product that you are considering.


Be very careful with your pick of bed bug spray as most of the conventional pest solutions are made with strong chemical ingredients. However, there are still others as Bed Bug Bully that are made with organic ingredients. In fact, it is even included in EPA’s FIFRA 25(b) list of pesticide exempts.

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