It is not a piece of cake to find ways on how to get rid of bed bugs. But living with them is way much worse. They can bring you sleepless nights and a whole lot of other things that can make being in your own home a dreadful experience.


In complete contrast to that, they are easy to pick up. You can be in one place for just a minute and without you even knowing it, you can already have them and personally giving them a ride to your place.

Considering those things, it is imperative that you know how to eliminate those critters. And to help you with that, this entry will all be about what you must and must not do to get rid of them successfully.

Let’s start with the dos.

Do Know What Bed Bugs Look Like

To kill bed bugs, you must able to identify them. That will tell you of the appropriate steps you must take after confirming their presence.


Look at the pictures of bed bugs. It will tell you exactly what they look like. And while you’re at it, look at the images of other small house bugs as well. Bed bugs are often mistaken as one of those insects so it’s best to know how to differentiate them as well.

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Do Be Wary of Their Signs

While it’s true that bed bugs can catch you off-guard, it doesn’t mean that with them there is no way out. With the help of keen sense of smell and sight and, of course, knowledge about bed bug signs, you can detect them early.

And what does that mean for you? It means you can prevent them from further causing you and your household problems.

Did you know that a single female bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime? But if you can eliminate it early on, you can stop it from breeding and doubling their population.

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Besides that, finding and eliminating them early will also save the other parts of your house and the furniture in them from their presence.

But what exactly are those bed bug signs that you must be on the look out for?


Bed Bug Spots. If you got bed bugs, you would normally see these dark spots in walls and floors near where they hide. They are of dark color because they are basically undigested blood which the critter had to excrete.

Bed Bug Exoskeletons. Those pesky creatures molt twice in their lifetime. And often, you will find their empty shells in crevices and corners where they stay or near those spots.

Musty-Sweet Smell. A few bed bugs don’t emit any kind of smell. However, a huge group of them gives off a musty-sweet odor. If you can smell anything like that, you should immediately start an inspection for an early treatment if needed.

Do Implement a Regular Inspection

Besides being difficult to get rid of, bed bugs are also sneaky. As said, they could get inside your house without you even knowing.

Those critters are very good hitchhikers because their size works well for them. They could hide themselves even in the smallest gaps of any item. They could also take refuge on the seams of any fabric-made piece.


Given that, everything that gets in your house must be first checked. That includes every furniture piece, particularly the secondhand ones as they are more likely to have bed bugs. Souvenirs, bags, books and even shoes must be thoroughly inspected as well.

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Do Take Preventive Measures

Apart from inspecting anything that comes inside your house, there are other preventive measures that you must take to bed bug proof your home. Among them are the following.

-Avoid the places reported to have bed bugs. Those critters can be anywhere. They can be in your friend’s home, in an apparel store, a library, a movie theater or any other place that you might frequent.

If you got words that those pesky insects are in any of those places, it’s best to avoid it for the time being. Remember that bed bugs are small and sneaky. Don’t risk going in any of them as you run the risk of taking the bed bug problem with you.

-If you are going somewhere, travel as light as possible. It will give those critters much less chance to come back home with you because there are fewer things they could hitchhike on.


-Seal unnecessary cracks or crevices in your house. Any of it could be a home for bed bugs. Gaps between furniture parts could also serve as their hiding spots so make sure that you close or fix them as well.

-See to it that you take these preventive steps even after you’ve confirmed you don’t have the critters or after the first treatment. Sneaky as they are, those pests could return and cause you havoc again.

Do Prepare a Bed Bug Spray

With bed bugs, it sure pays to be preventive. However, uncontrolled circumstances can bring them back to your home. Hence, you must be ready to eliminate bed bugs all the time.

To do that, you got to have a bed bug spray at hand. With it ready, you can kill bed bugs anytime and stop them from causing more problems.

Nonetheless, just any bed bug spray will not do. You got to pick well and your choice must be the one that is not only effective but also safe for you and your family, just like Bed Bug Bully.


Unlike the conventional pesticides, Bed Bug Bully is made of organic ingredients. Hence, it is safe to humans, pets and plants. It is even listed under FIFRA 25(b) as pesticide-exempt.

But just because it is organic doesn’t mean it’s less tough than the chemical-based pest killers. In contrast to that, it is actually very effective. It might even be more effective than others because several hotels, hospitals and even pest-control companies have been using it for years already.

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Now for the don’ts, here are the things you must not do to successfully get rid of bed bugs.

Don’t Just Stay in Any Hotel

Bed bugs are some of hotels’ worst enemies. They are very common in such places because a lot of people come and stay in them. That means numerous individuals could bring them in.

Likewise, many people could bring bed bugs out of hotels and spread them because of the high turnover rate of the people. You could be one of those people. So, when traveling, see to it that you stay in a hotel with no bed bugs. Search the web and check the bed bug history of the one you are considering. This simple cautious step is a huge help in your battle against bed bugs.

Don’t Forget to Check Your Hotel Room for Bed Bugs

As said, when traveling, bed bugs could make your luggage their own wheels to new places. Because of that, it’ll be prudent to check your hotel room first for bed bugs before getting your luggage inside.


Now, where in your hotel room must you check? Well, it’s the same places you would check when looking bed bugs in your own house. Particularly, they are the bed, headboard, closet, couch, chairs, carpets, curtains, drawers and even wall decors.

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Don’t Delay Your Bed Bug Inspection and Treatment

Considering that bed bugs are quick to breed and spread, don’t delay finding and eliminating them. If you encounter any sign of their presence, immediately takes the steps to confirm their presence.

Once that’s done, promptly follow it up your choice of bed bug treatment. If you are going to use a bed bug spray, apply not only on the bugs themselves but also in deep cracks and crevices where they hide. Chances are, there are more of them in those spots.

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Don’t Forget That Bed Bug Can Return

A single treatment may get rid of bed bugs successfully But always remember that it isn’t a guarantee you won’t get them again. With the way they are, sneaky, small and fast, they have so many ways to get back to your house. And so, take the time to take the preventive measures.


It surely is not easy to get rid of bed bugs. However, with a series of steps, you could do it. Of course, they will eat some of your time and energy. Nonetheless, their benefits sure outweigh the work.

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With that said, it’ll be good for you to always remember and implement these do’s and don’ts to bed bug elimination and prevention.