The worse thing about having bed bugs is finally getting rid of them only to find out days or weeks later that they’re in your house again. Just the thought of all unpleasant things they can re-bring is, simply said, irritating. But you could actually avoid all that agony if you know how to get rid of bed bugs.

Considering that bed bugs are now so widespread, it is really possible for them to pull off a comeback. And given that they are naturally sneaky, there’s a chance that you will not notice it instantly.

However, if you know how to block those pesky insects’ re-entry, you can save yourself and your family from experiencing again everything bad that comes with their presence. The bed bug bites, the anxiety, the sleeplessness and the embarrassment are just some of those things. And of course, the added expenses are also on the list.


Actually though, you don’t need to be infested by bed bugs first before taking any steps to block their presence. Even if you haven’t encountered them yet, you should be preventive. The numerous bed bug cases headlining news online and offline are a clear warning to the risks they present.

But let’s just say that for some reason, you were not able to take initial preventive measures and, therefore, were not able to stop bed bugs from attacking your home for the first time. Nonetheless, you were able to get rid of them. Now what do you do to halt their return?

Well, there are various things that you need to do. And you should know, they take a deal of time and work to take effect.

However, if you could make all the preventive steps work, as a reward, you’ll get more than a good night sleep. You can also spare yourself from paranoia and anxiety. In addition, you don’t have to spend unnecessarily for bed bug treatments.

Now, what are those steps you need to take to stop their comeback? Here are the top ten of them.

1# Know the Facts

Okay, so you know that bed bugs are now some of the most prevalent pests. You also know that they can get you bitten leaving behind nasty and itchy marks that could take a long time to heal. But do you know all the other important facts about them?


For example, do you know that just one of their adult female can lay up to 500 eggs in her lifetime, which is about nine months? That although they are called bed bugs, they could actually hide in almost anything apart from beds? That even if they don’t feed for months, they could still survive and attack you anytime?

+ Know More About Bed Bugs

All those things and more you must learn about the critters. If you ask why, that’s because every bit of it can help you fight them effectively and efficiently. For instance, knowing that they could reproduce so many in just a few months will push you to take immediate action to get rid of bed bugs to avoid more of them from infesting your home. Cause as you know, the more of them, the bigger the problem and the greater will be your suffering.

So with all that said, you must take conduct your own research and learn as much as you can about bed bugs.

#2 See Pictures of Bed Bugs

This one deserves its own separate spot in our list. The reason is to emphasize the need to identify bed bugs correctly because many mistake them as other insects and vice versa.

As you know, bed bugs are very small creatures. But with a size about the same with an apple seed, they are still visible to the naked eye. Nonetheless, if you don’t know what they actually look like, you won’t be able to identify them and take the appropriate actions. And that will just let you open again to their infestation.


However, if you can distinguish them from all the other small indoor pests, you can immediately take the right steps. In return that will allow you to get rid of bed bugs promptly, stopping them from bringing you strings of problems.

+ See More Pictures of Bed Bugs

And specifically, that is what you will need the pictures of bed bugs for. The images of those vampire-like pests will get you familiarized as to what they really look like making your identification of them much faster and more accurate. Needless to say, that will enable you to eliminate them early.

#3 Don’t Let Any Item Get Inside Your House Without Inspection

One reason why bed bugs are now so prevalent is because they could hitchhike on almost anything. Their small size allows them to do so.

Given that, they could use any thing as their own personal ride to get inside your house. And that is something that you must not permit if you want to keep those critters at bay.


So, before you let any item inside, thoroughly inspect it first. Check its every part to ensure that no bed bug is hiding. If it’s a piece of furniture, look into its adjacent parts and every little space in between them. Do the same on any other item like clothing, souvenirs and other small things.

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#4 Keep Away from Areas With Bed Bug Cases

As you know, bed bugs are not just exclusive to houses and hotels. Hence, besides looking out for their presence in residences, you must also be wary of them in other places.

If you heard any sighting of them in your local library, shops or even movie theaters, it’s best to avoid going into those places for the meantime. There is a huge possibility that you will transfer them yourself to your place.

+ Tips to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home

#5 Seal Cracks and Other Possible Entry Points of Bed Bugs

Apart from the items that you and others can bring to your house, bed bugs can also get in via holes and cracks. As said, those insects are very small so they could easily fit into them.


You should inspect your house for any of those entry points, especially if you live in an apartment building where the next room is already your neighbor’s home.

#6 Keep Away from Second-Hand Items

Sure thing, second-hand furniture and other items can save you some money. But with bed bugs in the picture, they can actually bring you more spendings than savings.


Because you don’t know where used items were from, there is a possibility that they’ll be the carrier of the insects to your house. With that huge of a bed bug infestation risk it presents, it would be wise to keep away from all second-hand items all the same.

+ Learn How to Kill Bed Bugs Without Throwing the Items

#7 Travel Light

Remember, bed bugs can hitchhike on almost anything. So, wherever you go, it’s best to travel light. Just bring things that you actually need. That will give bed bugs much less items to possibly hide on.


And while we’re at the topic of travel, make sure to research about your hotel before making a reservation. There’s a site online where you can actually look up if a hotel got a history of bed bugs or not. Take a look at it as it maybe the only thing that will prevent you from sleeping with the critters.

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#8 Always Be Ready

Besides their small size, the other thing that makes bed bugs such irritating pests is their sneakiness. That is why it is very important to always take the tips given above.

It also wouldn’t hurt to always be ready to get rid of them immediately. As said, those critters are sneaky. Hence, there is always the possibility, no matter how small it is, of them getting past your defenses. With that said, you could say that it is imperative to have a bed bug spray ready.

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Though there are other methods available to get rid of bed bugs, only the use of bed bug spray offers a fast, easy and quick solution. But of course, this option will not work if you don’t choose well the product to use.


Your choice of bed bug spray must be something that was already proven. It should be the one that, with its effectiveness, has already created a name in the pest-control industry. In addition, it must also be made of organic ingredients to keep your family and yourself from harmful chemical elements.

Finding the Best Bed Bug Spray

It can’t be denied that with the prevalence of bed bugs came the emergence of many bed bug products. But sadly, most of them aren’t really effective. There are some who might actually work but the problem is that they contain ingredients that are just too strong for your health and the environment.

However, Bed Bug Bully is different. Unlike the majority of the bed bug sprays in the market, it is made with organic ingredients. The use of it doesn’t endanger anyone’s health, even that of plants or your pets. In fact, it is even on EPA’s FIFRA 25(b) pesticide-exempt list.


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Besides that, it is already a proven effective bed bug solution. Several hotels, hospitals and resorts have been using it for years. A recent Bed Bug Bully Case Study in one rehabilitation facility also backed up its effectiveness.

The American Academy of Entomological Science even awarded Bed Bug Bully a certification for its effectiveness dated February 26, 2014.

Here is an image of that certificate.