Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?

Been getting some questions about extreme heat or extreme cold to remove bed bugs.

I will give you some case studies and personal opinions so you have the information you need to get rid of your bed bug problem.

Why Some Folks Prefer Heat:

I noticed some folks will ask about heat to kill bed bugs simply because their have been alot of promotion for pest control companies to use this process. While it has it’s benefits, you do need to consider the cost and extensive work involved.

The other reason some folks were considering heat is because many bed bug sufferers are told most bed bug sprays are toxic. The bed bug sprays simply have dangerous pesticides.

This is entirely NOT TRUE.

Their are bed bug sprays, which are PESTICIDE EXEMPT.

Under the FIFRA (25) EPA has made the unique Bed Bug Bully formula, pesticide exempt. It actually is a natural solution that is not harmful and kills bed bugs and prevents re-infestations.

But you were asking about HEAT… Right?


How to kill bed bugs with heat

  • Temperature and time play important roles in eliminating bed bugs.
  • There are different time requirement to kill bed bug at different stages.
  • Adults and Nymphs take 15 minutes at a temperature greater than 113 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Eggs take 60 minutes to die at the same temperature.
  • You can also use heat from the sun to kill them, or at least get rid of them.
  • The Smartest trick- Treat your bed sheet with a steam iron to get rid of bed bugs. Use a steam iron for mattresses too.
  • Keep monitoring with a thermometer and stay above a temperature of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Raising room temperature above normal and maintaining it for several hours also eradicate bed bug infestation completely.
  • Treat linens/clothing in a tumble dryer at a temperature of at least 120 degrees celsius for 20 minutes. Then wash again and dry on high heat. This is effective in killing both eggs and adult bugs. The use of steam is highly recommended.

Sounds pretty extensive right?


If Your Looking For A Professional

Yeah, that’s why if this is the route you wish to go, by all means get a free consultation from one of our recommended bed bug exterminator companies to help you. Get A Free Online Consultation About Heat To Kill Bed Bugs

Here Is The Skinny On Heat Treatments:

Whichever you choose to kill you bed bugs is totally cool!

But keep in mind, the liquid vapor they use to kill bed bugs is still a formula. In  most cases the pest control companies we work with use Bed Bug Bully.

But not all pest control companies are going to use a non-toxic natural formula. They could be using a harsh pesticide. So I do need to educate you on which ever you choose, to get rid of bed bugs comes down to the formula you or the pest expert is using.

Some facts regarding Killing Bed Bugs With Heat

  • It requires more than 3 treatments to kill 68% of all bed bugs infestation.
  • It requires 2 treatments to kill 26% of all the bed bug infestation.
  • It requires just one treatment to kill 6% of all the bed bug infestation.
  • Heat treatment uses heat and filtration technology to annihilate bed bugs.
  • It is effective to thermal death point of every living being.
So let it be known, one heat treatment to kill bed bugs has a 6% chance to kill them all.
You may be told by the pest control professional that their is need for a re-inspection and re-heating of your residence. This is obviously not free, so be sure to make sure if you choose a professional they include this in your initial package to do it the recommended times needed.

Remember… Whether Heat or Other Method

Most pest control companies will be using a solution to kill bed bugs.

Be sure to do research on your bed bug exterminator. Ask if they use bed bug bully or some natural formula to kill bed bugs. The last thing you need is a pesticide all over your furniture in your home.

I agree with many of my readers, I don’t want to evacuate and I want something simple.

And I always give the my opinions on all methods.

It really depends on your budget and preference. At some point though, you need to take action and get moving on getting rid of your bed bug problem. The longer you let it go, the more these critters multiply.


Non-Toxic Bed Bug Killer:

If you would like a stab at killing the bed bugs yourself. Without worry of pesticides and to use the same formula many pest companies are using to kill bed bugs, be sure to sign up for bed bug bully.

Their is a limited time on the complimentary samples. On the next page enter your information, then you will be taken to their order page, where you can tell them where to ship yours.

Receive a complimentary sample of Bed Bug Bully with your order.

Try it… this has been the industry standard for pest companies. And is literally the same product used in heat projects.

Let us know your question below….




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5 thoughts on “Does Heat Kill Bed Bugs?”

  1. I found a nest of bed bugs both in my bed and my daughters room. I throw them out for a whole year i didnt see any evidence a infestations now I found them again throughout all the beds sprayed I a bed bug spray throughout my home wash all clothes I’m tired them up putting them in plastic bag sleeping now on the air mattress I continue to be bitten very badly don’t see any evidence of bed bugs could it be something else I stay up all night looking to see if something there still i c nothing and end up bitten willing 2 Summit pictures

  2. does vinager and rubbing alchol work on killing bed bugs I did my bed and still wake up with bite marks and I washed all bedding and pillows in hot water and dried in dryer for 1 hour

  3. Alright, when I went to order the products to try and rid us of these little monsters I went with the Harris brand of products. A gallon of the liquid, the powder too. We have sprayed and sprayed, steam cleaned and wrapped all box springs tightly in plastic, bought the covers for all the mattresses and we are STILL getting bit. Thought we had em gone but then BAM, they start attacking again. I once got rid of a bad infestation using 90% alcohol, soaking our mattresses, couch and all in alcohol and wrapping them in plastic, leaving them for 4 days like that. We did get rid of them and my how I hoped we would never get them again but unfortunately, our boy came home from his Dad’s with bags full of clothes from Goodwill that his Stepmother claimed she had washed and hadn’t. Those clothes were put in the closet in bags, and they infested his room. For several MONTHS we had no signs of bed bugs except our dogs having some kind of rash which we did not know the source of. When the dogs stopped sleeping with my son, we thought it was weird but didn’t realize WHY they did until the bugs migrated into the living room, searching for a blood source. Oh my, my, my son’s mattress was like a horror film. It was INFESTED, these bugs had time to massively reproduce as they were using the animals for food and once those animals got away from them, they started traveling through the house.

    I know that’s a long comment, but I had to share my story. These bugs are awful, they are so very, very hard to get rid of and this time I am going with Bed Bug Bully (when I can order) this time around. The reason? Because the “admin” here is honest enough to TELL the TRUTH about the heat and bed bugs. I don’t know of any other business that would do that, give other options besides their own product to rid a home of a problem.

    I will be ordering in the next week, thank you!

    1. Thank you for sharing… yes these bed bugs are horrible. But never fear, we are here to help you as we did with 1,000 of other of our clients. Just let us know if you need anything.

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