Inspecting For
Bed Bugs (Part 3)

The Most Critical Step To Avoid Future Infestations!

Welcome to the Bed Bug Bully help center area.

Previously if you subscribed to our help center, I send over some guides and covered the following with you:
how to identify a bed bug
+ inspecting your mattress for bed bugs
+ inspecting your boxspring for bed bugs

In this section I want to continue with inspecting your bed, but this time we will be now investigating the entire bedroom. Since we did a detailed look at linens & mattress, then your boxspring and bed frame from our last procedure reports. We can now safely begin moving into other areas of the bedroom.

And you will be surprised to find bed bugs in the weirdest of areas.

Getting Rid Of All Your Bed Bugs…

Our objective today is a full inspection of your bed room to identify the extent of the outbreak. I recommend ordering a gallon of Bed Bug Bully if you have an outbreak that goes beyond your bed. This will cover up to 1,000 square feet and is great to use not only to kill bed bugs and their eggs. It can be also be used to prevent future outbreaks after doing your initial bed bug extermination.

If you notice an outbreak of bed bugs beyond your bed, no worries.

For a limited time during the private launch, you will receive a complimentary sample bottle with your order. This way if you feel your are not satisfied in any way. You can keep the sample and get a full refund. I really want to make it no risk to you, so I can help you get rid of your bed bug infestation.

Limited quantities are available and first come, first serve, so reserve yours now.
Then finish reading this guide while we ship over to you.

Really important, If you don’t get this right, you may have a repeat infestation. So lets get started!

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Inspecting The

Where You Want To Start

Below are the locations you will want to inspect. (remember store linens in garbage bags). You can always use our natural Bed Bug Bully Detergent to wash and clean them.

Having finished inspecting the box spring from our last guide, we move out to the next item of furniture and begin the same methodical and thorough inspection.

Take a look at the image below to see all the important locations you will be investigating:



For Drawers and Bedside Tables

Start with an exterior inspection (top, sides, bottom), then move to the drawers
(remove them and begin with top, sides and bottom).

Pay attention to: cracks and crevices, imperfections, joints, screws and corners.

For Upholstered Furniture

The same detailed search is required as mentioned with your mattress.

1. Start with the piping (the edge reinforcement on the furniture) and look along all stitching lines.

2. Look along the sides of the furniture, and then the field
(top and bottom, again following all stitch lines will help you methodically and quickly cover the furniture).

3. Finally, pay attention to any labels, tags, buttons or
air screens that may be on the furniture.

Do not overlook any detail and pay special attention to:

+ zippers
+ skirting
+ fabric seams
+ and the crevices under the cushions.

Other Items To Inspect

Other items such as drapes, pictures, stuffed animals, and toys must be inspected also. And of course, infested items should be contained in plastic bags and sealed with tape.

For electronic items, such as phones, radios and TVs:

+ Inspect all holes, corners, cracks and edges.

If possible:

+ Hold the item over an open plastic bag or light colored sheet;

+ Orient the item such that any ventilation holes are pointed down;

+ Tap with the unit with the open part of your hand.

NOTE: Avoid hitting the item too hard. As an added precaution, Bed Bug Bully can be applied carefully to ventilation holes. Do not attempt to coat all electronics with Bed Bug Bully; you simply want to create a barrier between any bug harborage and the exit points from the item.


What To Look For

Below are some pictures to help you identify some bed bugs hiding in your bedroom. You can see the many locations where bed bugs will be hiding, besides your bed mattress. In 90% of bed bug cases they come back. This is usually because most bed bug victims will not think to look at all the locations in your bedroom, only a mattress.
Don’t make that mistake!

Bed Bugs In Plug Outlet

A Bed Bug Colony Inside A Plug Outlet Up Close and Personal.

Bed Bugs In a Drawer

Here is a picture of a dresser drawer with bed bugs and their eggs.

Bed Bugs In Cushions

Bed bugs will hide in any little crack they can find. In this picture you will see them loaded up between two sofa cushions.

Remember to be thorough in doing your inspection in the bedroom. Here are some of the most common areas to keep in mind when looking for bed bugs in your bedroom.


Common Bed Bug Hiding Areas In A Bedroom

+ Linens & Bed Mattress (inspection guide)
+ Box Spring & Bed Frame (inspection guide)
+ Walls and Baseboards
+ Plug Outlets
+ Cabinets & Dressers
+ Electronic Devices
+ Ceiling Areas (Corners)
+ Carpets and Wood Floors
+ and many other small cracks and crevices

Don’t Get Overwhelmed! Here Is Why

I know you may be thinking, “Holy cow, there is a lot of locations these bed bugs could hide, how am I ever going to get them all”. Don’t get overwhelmed, I am giving a complete course pest professionals have used when managing a bed bug extermination.

Here is the good news

In most bed bug solutions or sprays, you simply need to make contact on the bed bug. This is really hard to do as you see why, with so many locations to look for bed bugs.

What we did with Bed Bug Bully was to initially help pest professionals with their inspection and extermination success rates. We developed a formula so not only would it kill & prevent bed bugs and stop their eggs from hatching.

We built it using natural oils that create the bed bugs to panic and evacuate their hiding locations. So when you use Bed Bug Bully, don’t freak out if you see more bed bugs after the first couple of sprays. It’s because the cinnamon-like aroma causes them to freak out and either die or evacuate your home.

Just like pest professionals use Bed Bug Bully, spray it the first day around the infested areas. You will notice bed bugs either die or evacuate the area. Then continually doing this for the first few days, each time you will use Bed Bug Bully. The infestation will less until it’s completely non existent.

Lastly, you would use Bed Bug Bully after 30 days to be your prevention for future outbreaks.

I hope you see how powerful Bed Bug Bully really is, this is why during a special launch you can receive a complimentary sample to try the product.

Tell us where to ship yours, but hurry because it is first come, first serve.


What’s Next?


Next we will dive into inspecting the living room and control procedures.

We also will begin going over control procedures to get rid of bed bugs. This is the part where I give you all the different scenarios you can do to get rid of bed bugs.

I will discuss the benefits, cons, and estimated costs for each scenario so you have a full understanding to decide which method is best for you. Of course, I hope you choose Bed Bug Bully, but you will be able to clearly see costs comparisons of each so you can judge for yourself.

Be sure to sign up for you complimentary Bed Bug Bully sample, if you haven’t already. You will receive a complete blueprint guide to follow to assure you get rid of any size infestation and never have these bed bugs come back.

The Control Procedures Guide

Don’t forget, in my next email I will be sending you the complete control inspection procedures. We will discuss each type of control scenario pest professionals use, the costs, and benefits and cons. Your will have all the information you need to make a decision on what works best for you.

If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to this Bed Bug Bully Help Center so you can receive access to these bed bug inspection procedures.

You will receive the full procedures from inspecting to getting rid of bed bugs, so they never come back.


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Did You Get Your Complimentary Sample?

Remember I am offering a complimentary sample during a private launch for Bed Bug Bully. I made it so it is no risk to you. You receive a complimentary sample with your order. For any reason your not satisfied, no worries you can get a full refund and keep the sample. It’s my way of making sure you don’t waste your time and get close to getting rid of your bed bug infestation.


  1. Sam Price

    We waited for temps outside to reach around 100 degrees and filled the house with non thermostat space heaters,we unpluged everything except ice box,turned the heaters on and left the house for 48 hours only coming back to check inside temp,after about 3 hours the inside temp in every room had reached 136 degrees consistently, the second day the temp had reached 148 consistently,after returning home we have seen only dead bugs and no live ones so we ordered beg bug bully to make sure they do not come back.

    • Markus

      Thats great Sam, do continue to use Bed Bug Bully routinely. We had previous clients come to us after using heat because it does not prevent them from coming back. You may have been infested by a neighbor or something else. So be sure to spray Bed Bug Bully around the perimeter of your home. This will create a barrier and prevent any future infestations.

      Glad you got rid of those bed bugs! And thank you for sharing.


  2. Mbrady lady

    How in the world would you treat the outlets? This is electricity! And the tv and all the electronics. This is overwhelming!


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