Inspecting For
Bed Bugs (Part 2)

The Most Critical Step To Avoid Future Infestations!

Welcome to the Bed Bug Bully help center area on how to kill bed bugs.

Previously if you subscribed to our help center, I send over some guides in using bed bug spray and covered the following with you:

how to identify a bed bug

+ inspecting your mattress for bed bugs

In this section I want to continue with inspecting your bed, but this time we will be now investigating the box spring under the mattress and the bed framing.

Again, If you don’t get this right, you may have a repeat infestation. So lets get started!

After Inspecting Your Mattress… It’s Onto The Box Spring

So after you went thru the process of inspecting your mattress for bed bugs. We will then move the mattress off and away from the box spring.

A box spring is under the main mattress which you sleep on. Many times I hear bed bug victims ask why they are still getting bit. They swore they got all the bed bugs from the mattress!

This will be the case for many locations around your home. If you don’t have a product like Bed Bug Bully, which pulls out bed bugs and kills them. You will then need be very detailed in your inspection and make sure you follow the guides I have been sending to you. You can get access to these guides below, if you have not signed up for them yet.

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Inspecting The
Box Spring

Now that you have removed the mattress off the box spring. You can begin inspecting for bed bugs on the box spring. Remember, if you see a bed bug stop your inspection and add those items into a garbage bag and seal up those items.

If your mattress has living bed bugs on it, you will want to spray Bed Bug Bully all over your mattress. The formula will cause the bed bugs to die within 10 to 30 seconds. And for all the other bed bugs in the proximity where your sprayed the natural solution, they will begin to disperse out of your home. I will get into that later in other guide on how to create a barrier around your home to avoid future infestations.

For now, lets get back to the box spring.

+ Start with the edge and look along the stitches

+ Look where the frame and boxspring contact
** if you lift the box spring on edge, quickly look along the frame before bed bugs have a chance to scatter

+ Look under the plastic edge guards
** best is to remove them for inspection and refasten with the staple gun.

Gradually remove the dust cover (“ticking”) from the back of the box spring
** continue looking under any folds and where the mattress fabric fastens to the frame.

+ Look in any depressions, countersunk screws and under any staples that are not flush with the frame.

+ Finally, inspect all joints, cracks and corners of the box spring’s frame.


Inspecting The
Bed Frame

Below are some pictures to help you identify some bed bugs hiding in your box spring or bed frame. You can see this box spring and bed frame is where the most fecal matter and blood stains occur. This is usually because most bed bug victims will not think to look at a box spring, only a mattress. Don’t make that mistake!

Bed Bug Colony

A Complete Bed Bug Colony On A Mattress Up Close and Personal.

Bed Bugs Box Spring

Here is a picture of a box spring with blood stains and bed bugs around the edges.

Bed Bugs In Bed Frame

Bed bugs will hide in any little crack they can find. In this picture you will see them loaded up in the wheel of the metal bed frame.

The next location to look is the bed frame. I posted some images to help you visually see that bed bugs do in fact hide in and around the metal or wood bed frames. So it’s important to take time to visually inspect this area.

Also in this picture above, the middle one with the dark tinting. This is hundreds of little bed bugs and their fecal matter on the box spring cloth. This is why I say, “Allowing the bed bug problem to go on is only going to get worse.”

Each day that passes means more will multiply and then over time you will start getting not only your box springs covered in fecal matter. Other locations of your home will have the same issues.

Bed Frame Inspection Process

1. Look in the area where the bed contacted the floor (carpeting depressions, or hardwood).

2. Move to the baseboards, inspecting top and bottom of the baseboard
(Including imperfections, cracks and crevices, peeling wallpaper and drywall cracks, in and under phone jacks and other plugs).

NOTE: If the baseboards are made of carpeting and are fastened to the wall with glue, carefully peel back the carpeting – inspecting the carpet and glue lines. Carpeting can later be replaced with adhesive, but use adhesive sparingly.

3.  In the general area of the bed and along the baseboard, carpeting can be carefully lifted off the tack strip (or adhesive). You can inspect the baseboard, underside of the carpet and tack strip for bed bugs and feces.

4.  Using the spatula, carefully “scoop” debris from under the baseboard. Angle the spatula so the leading edge rests on the floor and the trailing edge scrapes along the baseboard underside. This method will often crush bugs, so pay attention to blood spots or insect parts.


What’s Next?


Next we will dive into inspecting the entire bedroom.

You and I will go over all the little locations to inspect just in the bedroom. I want to give a full guide on this because as you can see with my last guides. Each piece of the inspection process can be very detailed.

You and I went over a detailed over view of inspecting the box spring and bed frame, but… there is still more to do. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information at once. It’s very important to be laser focused on each step.

Remember, our goal is to get rid of all the bed bugs, not just the ones you see… but also the ones you may have missed if your not laser focused in your inspection procedures.

To make things easier for you, I recommend taking me up on my Bed Bug Bully offer.

Bed Bug Bully is a non pesticide formula which not only kills and prevents bed bugs. The natural formula is designed to make these bed bugs scatter from their hiding places. So it will cut your time in half while inspecting, when using Bed Bug Bully. This is why so many pest professionals have been using the product. It literally cuts down their inspection times and increase their success rates when completing a bed bug extermination.

I will giving a complimentary sample included in your order. This way it is no risk to you…

Be sure to sign up for you complimentary Bed Bug Bully sample, if you haven’t already. You will receive a complete blueprint guide to follow to assure you get rid of any size infestation and never have these bed bugs come back.

The Complete Bedroom Guide

Don’t forget, in my next email I will be sending you the complete bedroom inspection procedures. Then we will get on to other places of your home you will be looking for. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to this Bed Bug Bully Help Center so you can receive access to these bed bug inspection procedures.

You will receive the full procedures from inspecting to getting rid of bed bugs, so they never come back.


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Did You Get Your Complimentary Sample?

Remember I am offering a complimentary sample during a private launch for Bed Bug Bully. I made it so it is no risk to you. You receive a complimentary sample with your order. For any reason your not satisfied, no worries you can get a full refund and keep the sample. It’s my way of making sure you don’t waste your time and get close to getting rid of your bed bug infestation.


  1. Agnes

    I found loads of bedbugs and am grossed out. I would like to replace my mattress/box spring
    and also have my carpets cleaned. What is the order this should be done…after treatment or
    before? I also have heard it can take up to 21 days to rid yourself of bedbugs…so when exactly
    should everything be what order?

  2. admin

    Good question, I have another guide coming up to go over the complete process. Be sure to subscribe I will send it by email when it’s done.

    But in a nut-shell… here is the process:
    1 – Inspect
    2 – Apply Treatment – Bed Bug Bully
    3 – Dispose Of Items (In Plastic Bag Sealed With Tape)
    4 – Re – Apply Treatment – Bed Bug Bully

    Repeat For Each Room/Location… Roughly Every 3 to 7 Days Until All Bed Bugs are gone.

    NOTE: When you apply Bed Bug Bully, you will see more come out of their hiding locations. This is due to the natural oils and formulation we use. So this helps get rid of them all without you having to find each and every location where they hide. Saving you some labor and increasing the speed to get rid of the entire infestation.

    As for taking 21 days to get rid of them all…

    It really depends on the infestation. As long as you continue to do the process above… and reapply treatment you will have no problems anymore with bed bugs.

    Just remember, if the item is large like a box spring… and you can’t seal it with a garbage bag.
    Spray it down to kill them… but then spray a barrier around your home to prevent them from coming back into your house. This will act like a shield to keep them away and kill them.

    Hope that helps… let me know if any other questions.

  3. Ruby Simms

    How much spray do you need barrier?

    • Markus

      Hi Ruby, what our Green Bean Buddies will recommend when consulting you with your bed bug problem is to purchase a 1 Gallon of Bed Bug Bully.

      This 1 Gallon of Bed Bug Bully will be able to cover a room or two, depending on the infestation size. Any additional material left can be used to create a barrier around your home and do preventive maintenance.

      It depends on the size of infestation, but a 1 gallon is good to start with.

      If you feel your infestation is quite large and wish to get a better price per gallon, plus have a more product for future maintenance so there no future outbreaks. You can consider the 5 Gallon Pail of Bed Bug Bully.

      This gives you a better price per gallon, as a 1 gallon is $70 (due to jug, cap, etc) versus the 5 gallon pail, which is $59 a gallon. Plus we will pay for the shipping saving you $45. It’s what our pest professionals select and folks who wish to get rid of bedbugs in an entire household and have something left for preventive maintenance.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any more questions.

  4. Debbie

    Pictures that should be in the dark section on each topic aren’t showing up.

    • Markus

      Thanks Debbie, what browser are you using? Firefox perhaps?

  5. Josilen Gallez

    We’ve had to deal with bed bugs for the past 4 years now!I’m worried because we have gaps between the floors and wall so wouldn’t it be trickier to get rid of them there. Please, any advice.


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