Inspecting For
Bed Bugs (Part 1)

The Most Critical Step To Avoid Future Infestations!

Welcome to the Bed Bug Bully help center area using bed bug spray.

Previously, I went over how to identify a bed bug.

In this section I wanted to go over a critical part of a bed bug extermination. If you don’t get this right, you may have a repeat infestation and miss the chance on how to kill bed bugs.

Ever Wonder Why You Hear Stories Of Bed Bugs Coming Back After Doing An Extermination

Well in many cases most people will not identify all the locations to look for bed bugs. The other reason is what-ever-solution they are using does not kill the eggs of the bed bugs. So while you may kill some bed bugs, the eggs are still left behind.

My team and I made when creating Bed Bug Bully, it will:

+ Cause Bed Bugs To Come Out of Their Hiding Places (Reduce Inspection Labor)

+ Be Able To Kill Bed Bugs & More Importantly The Eggs (Reduce Future Outbreaks)

+ Be Able To Kill Bed Bugs & Prevent Future Infestations (Reduce Extermination Costs)

Taking You Into The Bedroom

Now I didn’t buy you drink yet, so please forgive me. Because it’s time that I take you into the bedroom. 😉

In this guide, we will be going over a detail inspection of your mattress specifically. I don’t want to jump around all the different locations in the bedroom and your home just yet. These will be for later guides coming up. Right now, I want to have laser focus on inspecting the most popular place to find bed bugs, the bed mattress.

Tools That Are Optional, But Helpful:

These tools are completely optional although they do help. I listed them because pest professionals we worked with have found these items to help them when managing a bed bug infestation.

+ A Quality Flashlight

+ Thin Blade Spatula (a cake icing spatula is suitable)

+ Screwdrivers & Wrenches for Dismantling Items (ex. bed, cover plates of electrical outlets)

+ 10x Magnifying Glass

+ Inspection Mirror

+ Carpet Adhesive (if you plan on pulling up carpets)

+ Garbage Bags (for quickly containing infested items)

+ Clear Packing Tape (for sealing infested items in bags)

+ Staple Gun 1/4″ Staples

+ A Vacuum Cleaner That Can Use Filter Bags

+ Bed Bug Bully (A non pesticide bed bug spray)

Linens & Blankets

Usually, there will be one (to several) primary infestation sites associated where people rest (sleep, sit for extended periods, etc.). Today’s guide will focus on the bedding area and all items associated with your mattress.

Your Mission… To Look For Bed Bugs Of All Sizes, Fecal Spotting, & Caste Skins

bedbug_upcloseBed bugs are extremely flat and small (1/16th to 3/8 inch or 6 to 8 mm long) so the person inspecting must look along (and in) edges and cracks, folds and seams. Holes drilled in wooden elements for screws are important, as are labels.

To give you an idea of the tight places bed bugs can fit into, bed bugs have been found along picture frames, between the glass and frame itself. Start at the places the person has identified as a resting site, and move out from this point.

Inspections of the bed (or resting areas) have to be detailed, as this habitat is very complex. The bed consists of: linens, blankets, mattress, box spring, headboard and frame.

Although the favored resting areas consist of the region near the head and shoulders of the person (mattress, box spring and behind the headboard) do not superficially inspect these areas and assume the job is done.

Start with the linens, concentrating on the folds and seams of sheets and blankets (particularly fitted sheets).

As items are inspected, remove them from the bed and place them centrally on the floor. Remember, you are looking for bed bugs in a range of sizes, as well as fecal spotting and caste skins.

If You Find A Bed Bug

bedbug_bagDiscontinue your in-depth inspection and initiate a control activity.

This is where you want to have your garbage bags and tape lying around. Also you will want a vacuum so you can suck them up into the vacuum bag.

Important: Don’t leave the area, be sure to have the items when you go in. Because you could lose sight of these bed bugs. It’s a good idea to have someone stand guard if you need to leave the room.

Regardless if you find a bed bug or not, I am going to recommend using our Bed Bug Bully Detergent on all your linens, pillows, and bed sheets. This is a specially formulated natural detergent that kills bed bugs and the eggs. You will want this because in many cases there are eggs in your linens and pillow cases. Your regular detergent or bleach will not kill bed bugs or the eggs. So consider a solution to wash your bed bug infested linens, like Bed Bug Bully Detergent.

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Inspecting The Mattress

Lets take a in-depth look at the mattress. The is a very critical part in getting rid of these bed bugs. Since It Will Be In Depth, Below Are Some Initial Locations To Get You Started During Your Inspection.

Bed Bug Colony

A Complete Bed Bug Colony On A Mattress Up Close and Personal.

Bed Bugs In Seams Of Mattress

Here is a picture of a mattress with blood stains and bed bugs around the seams.

Bed Bug In Mattress Seam

You can pull back the seams of your mattress to see if there any signs of bed bugs.

After you have properly inspected your sheets and pillows. You will now have an empty mattress which you can more closely inspect.

A Bit Of Caution:

Be very careful of wood splinters, sharp metal fragments, and concealed items. Look with your eyes and use the spatula or a similar household item. DO NOT use your hands!


3 Steps For A Mattress Inspection

1. Start with the piping (the edge reinforcement on the bed)
and look along all stitching lines.

2. Look along the sides of the mattress, and then the field
(top and bottom, again following all stitch lines will help you methodically and quickly cover the mattress).

3. Finally, pay attention to any labels, tags, buttons or
air screens that may be on the mattress.


What You Will Commonly Find

While inspecting the mattress, I attached some images of some things you will see. Don’t be alarmed if you notice blood spots on the mattress. This is common because you can squish bed bugs while sleeping after they have been feeding all night on your blood.


What’s Next?


Next we will dive into looking at your box spring and bed framing.

You and I went over a detailed over view of inspecting the bed mattress, but… there is still more to do. I don’t want to overwhelm you with too much information at once. It’s very important to be laser focused on each step.

Remember, our goal is to get rid of all the bed bugs, not just the ones you see… but also the ones you may have missed if your not laser focused in your inspection procedures.

To make things easier for you, I recommend taking me up on my Bed Bug Bully offer. I actually will giving a complimentary sample included in your order. This way it is no risk to you…

Be sure to sign up for you complimentary Bed Bug Bully sample, if you haven’t already. You will receive a complete blueprint guide to follow to assure you get rid of any size infestation and never have these bed bugs come back.

The Box Spring and Bed Framing Guide

Don’t forget, in my next email I will be sending you the box spring and bed framing inspection procedures. Then we will get on to other places of your home you will be looking for. If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to this Bed Bug Bully Help Center so you can receive access to these bed bug inspection procedures.

You will receive the full procedures from inspecting to getting rid of bed bugs, so they never come back.

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Did You Get Your Complimentary Sample?

Remember I am offering a complimentary sample during a private launch for Bed Bug Bully. I made it so it is no risk to you. You receive a complimentary sample with your order. For any reason your not satisfied, no worries you can get a full refund and keep the sample. It’s my way of making sure you don’t waste your time and get close to getting rid of your bed bug infestation.


  1. Cheryl Currie

    I hate bed bugs, have been bitten every night at least two to three times.
    My husband is getting very crazy!

    • Markus

      Hi Cheryl, thanks for commenting. Sorry to hear about your bed bug problem.
      Be sure to check out our help center to help you get rid of them.

      I’m not sure how big your infestation is, but it would be a good idea to do a full inspection yourself by following the guides. Then take a look at trying Bed Bug Bully. This will kill them and prevent them from coming back. Just be sure to be consistent in using Bed Bug Bully for the first few days. That will make sure the entire infestation is taken care of.


  2. Howard Cunniffe

    I have bought 2 bottles of Bed Bug Bully. Yes it kills the bugs on contact,but it’s like any other product you buy in the store. You spray a bed bug on your bed. It dries in 20 minutes. Another bed bug walks in that same spot and it does nothing to it. Bed Bug Bully works better then rubbing alcohol,but how many more bottles would I need to buy to finally get rid of them all?

    • Markus

      Hi Howard, thanks for the comment and trying out Bed Bug Bully.

      The product is both a contact killer and preventer. So it will not only kill them, but will also cause them to scatter due the formulation we developed. This is why you may see more.

      Re: How many bottles do you need.

      In the beginning of the extermination, Since you may have a larger infestation, you need to be consistent in daily or bi-daily spraying for the first few days. Each time you see a bed bug, this is a trigger to begin another application. Don’t worry though, this is normal and will not have to do it forever… Bed Bug Bully will cause them to come out of their hiding place and will lessen the infestation each day.

      Be sure to read thru the guide I made on how to prevent bed bugs from coming back.

      Since we don’t know the source of the infestation(a neighbor, an outside couch, bed in the house, etc) This talks about creating a barrier in the home to prevent future outbreaks. Be consistent, you see Bed Bug Bully kills them. Just be sure to work thru the infestation.

      Keep me posted…

  3. Ron

    How about people with adjustable beds? They do NOT have a normal box-spring, but a “sort of” cut-out box, covered in fabric, that bolts to the moveable bedframe. The underside of this box-spring, also has a couple of plates the rollers glide on.
    There is no eay to put an encased mattress cover on something like this, as one would have to poke holes in the cover to re-bolt it back to the adjustable bed frame, plus, what would the rillers glide on, then?
    The are $1500 and up beds, one cannot just throw them out. I am about 45% disabled, and am not sure I have the strength to lift the mattress off my adjustable bed.
    I went to an ER, at a local hospital, and we happened to see a live bedbug, which I killed, and a casement. We did not know it was a bedbug, until I looked it up, on my iPad. We did not see any more, but were freaked out. This particular treatment room was kind of dirty, too.
    A couple of days later, when I picked up my iPad, at home, a bedbug fell off of it. I immediately took it out of it’s cover, soaked the cover in boiling water, &held the iPad over the stove flame, until it was all fairly hot. I set it on a couple of jars to cool off.
    I dried and inspected the cover, and put it back together. A couple of days after that, Impicked up a cinch bag, off of the floor, from my bed. Another bedbug fell off and I killed it. I found two casements under a foot pillow.
    I am not sure if I have an infestation, or not. I find no bloodstains, nor fecal matter on my bed. I put duct tape around me, but no bedbugs are stuck to it.
    Do I buy traps to see if there are anymore?
    Unsure what to do.
    Thanks for the useful info.

    • Markus

      Hi Ron, thanks for sending in your question and comment.

      Regarding adjustable beds, you are correct they do not have box-spring. In this case, an exterior inspection is really all you can do and trying to find any cracks to see if you can see any bed bugs. If there is any way to get inside of these adjustable beds, great. But if you can’t no worries.

      In your situation, I believe Bed Bug Bully would be a great solution for you.

      The fact that you can spray it on your bedding and furniture without it staining or damaging your furniture is a big plus. Using Bed Bug Bully would also prevent you from lifting and managing these heavy pieces of furniture. Lastly, the Bed Bug Bully formula is designed to not only kills, but also prevent bedbugs and the eggs.

      And one huge plus bed bug professionals love the product is because it helps with the inspections. The formula will also cause the bed bugs to act erratic and leave their hiding locations due to the natural oil aroma we use. So this will increase your success rate of getting rid of the entire infestation.

      Re: Buying traps, these are useful but really do not focus on getting rid of the source of the problem. I recommend which ever product or service you use, always focus on getting rid of the source of the problem.

      If you are interested Bed Bug Bully, to kill and prevent the bedbugs as well as pull them out from their hiding locations, you can try a complimentary sample here, you would just need to pay for shipping and handling. But I do recommend a larger size Bed Bug Bully like a 1 gallon if you believe the infestation is large or more than a room.

  4. amy

    we had someone come out and do a full examination of our house and the only place they found them was in the boys bunk bed. we have since gotten rid of that but we are getting bites in other rooms even though we do not find any signs of them. we bought bed bug bully will it work if we just spray it everywhere and not necessarily know where they are coming from??

    • Markus

      Hi Amy, thanks for sending in your question.

      Bed Bug Bully will work to bring bed bug out of their hiding locations. Although, I would recommend reading the guide how to use bed bug bully.

      This will show you the locations to spray and use the product. The important factor is to consistently use the product until the infestation has been eradicated entirely. Depending on the size of the infestation, it could be a week or a few weeks, this all varies. But what we do recommend is since you may have received bed bugs from neighbors or even a mattress outside in your neighborhood. You will want to spray bed Bug Bully like a shield around your doors and windows, to prevent re-infestations.

      Check out the guide I published on how to use Bed Bug Bully, this will help you get started and then let me know if you have more questions.


  5. Mikey

    I am finding bed bugs in my computer room as well as my bedroom. I have lots of paperwork in this room. What is the best way to treat this room?

  6. eugenia grant

    thanks for all your advice I don’t know if these little brown bugs is bed bugs but I think so I have severe allergies, now this they bite and I crushed one there was blood. I will be buying your product next week as I am senior citizen on budget. I haven’t seen many

  7. Josilyn Gallez

    I have a bunch of other belongings/stuff that would need to get checked for bed bugs. I can’t find any but I want to be sure too. Would I have to spray every single little thing or would I zip it up in a bag of some sort?

  8. Lynn

    I was biten and told at Doctor office it was bed. Bugs. I flip, n got 60 year old disable n barely can do much,being by myself.I spray bezt way i could bag and cover all mattress with black bag and tape.wash everything even use clorox with pediside due to having metal high riser bed.look at mattress no blood,spot eggs or bed bugs. Took black bags off mattress n put plastic cover with zipper on mattress. When i check round pillow to decorated bed with that were in black bag seal n ooen zipper i saw. Git rid off.Now im still going through changes and hardley any more money since im on Fit frame metal is design with loop n maybe open little where it together. I feel like they are bitting me n cant find. But i have bed away from walm like island in middle of floor. I put glue trap n yes there is maybe one each other day caught. Baby n i say mamma.should i throw whole metal frame out. Air. Condtion, make believe tree, all these curtain. Dt kniw what else to do. N dt want nothing send by nail where manager will see what it is. They will throw me out. Im desparate.

  9. Jessica

    Hi I found a single adult bed bug one day and reported it to my Lanlord they sent someone out who checked one corner of my fairly new mattress and the walls and said he saw a single molt which I think was a spot of dust on the ceiling there are no visible signs of bed bugs norvhave we been bitten and I’m being charged a ridiculous amount of money for pest control service as well as I’m in a four unit building should I consider a second opinion?


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