What To Expect During A Bed Bug Extermination

First let me say, when we created Bed Bug Bully it was our mission to work very closely with pest professionals. In fact when we started, Bed Bug Bully was only available to some large private pest control companies. We were only allowed to sell it to them due to some license agreements we happily setup.

So we love pest control companies, but you may have questions on the process and cost.

Not sure what happens during a bed bug extermination?

Or maybe unsure what questions to ask?

How about the cost of a extermination, what about the heat process?

These are all valid questions we look to answer in our guide on
what to expect during a bed bug extermination.

Here is a brief breakdown of most bed bug professional services:

Step 1 – Consultation ($250)

Step 2 – Extermination Fee ($500 – $5,000)

Step 3 – Evacuate Your Home / Throw Away Valuables (Optional)

Stept 4 – Steam and/or Chemical Treatment

Step 5 – Vacuuming

Step 6 – YOU Must Watch For More Bed Bugs

For a full breakdown and what to expect,
be sure to read thru our guide on what is the cost of a bed bug extermination.


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