How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself

We have worked closely with well known pest professional companies. By collaborating with them we developed specific procedures to follow to help you get rid of bed bugs yourself. These same procedures are the step by step processes bed bug professionals used when doing an extermination with Bed Bug Bully from inspection to extermination…

For the full guide, follow the guide below.
how to do your own bed bug extermination to get rid of bed bugs


  1. Laura Felton says:

    Would like some to know how to ride my house of bed bugs myself. As they are still seen after getting rid of funiture, buds etc. Should the rugs go as well?

    • Markus says:

      Well, its a process and staying consistent. Be sure to do the following:

      1 – Do a full inspection (Entire Home)
      2 – Apply Treatment to Entire Home
      3 – Apply Treatment Barrier Around Home (Prevents Others Coming In)
      4 – Repeat Every Few Weeks or Days

      Read up here on DIY Bed Bug Extermination.

      Note: You don’t need to throw away the carpet or your furniture. You can use Bed Bug Bully on it with out having it stain or damage the upholstery.

      Don’t get overwhelmed… take it one-step at a time. ;-)

      Be sure to go thru the Bed Bug Bully Help Center.
      I put together some great procedures for you to follow to make to get rid of them and not have them come back.

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