Searching For Bed Bugs in A Boxspring & Bed Frame

While inspecting your bed mattress is very important, many bed bug sufferers forget to look at the boxspring and the bed framing. This is a very popular missed item and may be the leading cause why you didn’t get rid of your bed bug infestation entirely.

We have developed a very detailed procedure list to follow from pest professionals, you can read the guide here at how to search for bed bugs in a box spring and bed frame.

A Brief Process of Searching For Bed Bugs In Your Box Spring and Bed Frame:

1. Look in the area where the bed contacted the floor (carpeting depressions, or hardwood).

2. Move to the baseboards, inspecting top and bottom of the baseboard
(Including imperfections, cracks and crevices, peeling wallpaper and drywall cracks, in and under phone jacks and other plugs).

NOTE: If the baseboards are made of carpeting and are fastened to the wall with glue, carefully peel back the carpeting – inspecting the carpet and glue lines. Carpeting can later be replaced with adhesive, but use adhesive sparingly.

3.  In the general area of the bed and along the baseboard, carpeting can be carefully lifted off the tack strip (or adhesive). You can inspect the baseboard, underside of the carpet and tack strip for bed bugs and feces.

4.  Using the spatula, carefully “scoop” debris from under the baseboard. Angle the spatula so the leading edge rests on the floor and the trailing edge scrapes along the baseboard underside. This method will often crush bugs, so pay attention to blood spots or insect parts.

Be sure to read thru our full guide for a step by step process to inspect your bed frame and box spring for bed bugs.

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