Do You Have To Throw Away Furniture With Bed Bugs?

A popular question we receive is,
“Should we throw away our furniture to keep the bed bugs away?”.

The truth is… I am betting that your furniture is not the source of the problem or the only location where they may be hiding. Simply by focusing on 1-piece of the puzzle is not going to get rid of the entire infestation.

So we made a guide to help you answer Should You Throw Your Furniture If It Has Bed Bugs.

2 responses to “Do You Have To Throw Away Furniture With Bed Bugs?”

  1. lewis bradley says:

    can bed bugs travel from one apartment to another, without being brought in by another person?

    • Markus says:

      Hi Lewis, yep… they sure can.

      Many times bed bug victims get it from a mattress in their neighborhood from their neighbors or an apartment building.

      With Bed Bug Bully, we designed the formula to not only kill the infestation, but also prevent future outbreaks. So we have our clients use Bed Bug Bully around the perimeter of their home to prevent infestations re-occuring from neighbors or outside sources.


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