Keeping Bed Bugs Away For Good!

Helping You Avoid Another Bed Bug Infestation After Your Initial Treatment. Learn How To Keep Bed Bugs Away For Good!

 Welcome to the Bed Bug Bully help center area.

Previously if you subscribed to our help center, I send over some guides on how to kill bed bugs and covered the following with you:

how to identify a bed bug

+ inspecting your mattress for bed bugs

+ inspecting your boxspring for bed bugs

+ inspecting the entire bedroom for bed bugs

+ bed bug extermination… Is It Right For You?

+ doing your own bed bug extermination

In this section I will share how bed bug professionals use our non pesticide bed bug spray product called Bed Bug Bully to make sure you don’t have to worry about a re-infestation happening again. You will discover the steps they take to make sure the entire infestation is managed correctly and what to do in the next upcoming days to make sure bed bugs don’t re-enter your property again.

More importantly, this guide will give you the procedures pest professionals follow to ensure that no more outbreaks happen after 60 days.

Keeping Bed Bugs Away

A big question I receive with bed bug sufferers is that they paid for an extermination or used a product to kill bed bugs and they either are concerned of a future outbreak or they have another infestation. Our objective today is to go over why this happens so you understand the source of the problem. Then we will go over the steps pest professionals take to get rid of any size infestation and how they keep it away using a natural bed bug treatment.

Since most pest professionals use Bed Bug Bully, we will be discussing how they use the natural bed bug spray to kill bed bugs and make sure to prevent future outbreaks.

Really important, If you have not subscribed to the Bed Bug Bully help center, you can below really quick. This will make sure you get my procedures and videos thru your email and discuss them with the community.

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Why Your Bed Bugs Come Back

Understanding The Source of Your Problem

We first need to understand why you still have bed bugs after the initial treatment. A one-time spray or extermination will not always be the end-all solution. Reason being… you may have 1,000’s you are not seeing and you need to make sure you start diminishing the outbreak consistently.

Don’t worry… in a moment I will show you a guaranteed process that will work and it will NOT cost you a fortune. You will just need to use this process habitually for the first few days.

Now if your like most… you probably have these questions on your mind. Below are some questions I received from our community. Do you have a similar issue?

Making Sure Bed Bugs Come Back From Our Neighbors

Bed Bug Bully killed them and worked. But now my neighbors are telling us that they have them. I don’t want to go thru this all again. How do I make sure they don’t come back to our place?


The Bed Bugs Are Gone… But I Don’t Want Them Back

We finally tried Bed Bug Bully and did the job as promised, thank you! So glad we did. There are no more bites, no more eggs, and the entire home is clean! But Now… how do we make sure the bed bugs don’t come back?


I Don’t Want To Pay For Another Extermination

I spent money on a bed bug professional, but they said they will have to come back to prevent future infestations. If I don’t want to pay for another extermination how do I make sure they don’t re-infest my home?


The Generic Pest Product Didn’t Work… What Now

I tried using a generic bed bug product from the store. Unfortunately, after spraying my entire home the bed bugs are still here. It seemed to stop the larger ones, but I think the eggs may have not been killed and they are hatching now and biting us. What do we do?


I receive 100’s like this in our questionnaire form from our customers and members of our Bed Bug Bully Help Center. If you have not yet, be sure to sign up below to get access to more guides and more personalized help from me and my team, all free of course.

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Preventing Another Bed Bug Outbreak

To prevent bed bugs from coming back…

It’s all about making sure you get rid of the ENTIRE infestation.

Just because you spray down a couch or mattress, does not mean the problem will be fixed. You could still have 1000’s hiding in places you never knew existed.

Don’t worry though… one of the benefits of using Bed Bug Bully as not only a treatment, but also as a preventer is that the formula is developed to cause these bed bugs to come out of their hiding locations.

So don’t be alarmed when you start to apply Bed Bug Bully, you see more bed bugs. This is because of the unique soft scented oils we use that cause the bed bugs to go nuts.


It’s All About Finding The Source of The Problem

Make Sure To Inspect For Bed Bugs In All Locations:

We have some great inspection guides to help you.

Be sure to review the how to do your own bed bug inspection in our  Bed Bug Bully Help Center. There is a multiple list of procedures to follow for specific room.

Below is an example of locations you will want to inspect for bed bugs. If you find any, then be sure to use Bed Bug Bully and spray down these areas. It will kill the bed bugs on the spot and prevent them from re-infesting the area.

Locations of A Bedroom To Inspect and Use Bed Bug Bully:


If you find bed bugs, be sure to spray bed bug bully on the area. Do not worry about staining or ruining the furniture. The formula is a non-staining formula that is safe to use indoors and contains no harsh chemicals.

In fact, the formula is classified by the EPA under FIFRA 25(b) as a non pesticide product to kill bed bugs, so you do not have to worry about harmful chemicals being used on your bed or in your home.

Locations To Inspect In Your Living Room:

Our next objective is a full inspection of other living areas to identify the extent of the outbreak. Don’t forget, if you notice the infestation is larger then your bedroom, no worries we offer a 5 gallon pail of Bed Bug Bully, which we pay for the shipping($45 value). This is a very common product for pest control companies as well as folks with larger outbreaks.

Below are the locations you will want to inspect. (store linens in garbage bags)



Follow The Bed Bug Bully Help Procedures

I have created more thorough guides for inspecting in our Bed Bug Bully help center.
Do not forget to check how to do your own bed bug extermination

The main reason your bed bugs are still around is:

+ Your not using Bed Bug Bully (this will kill and prevent bed bugs)
+ You have not done a full inspection (view inspection procedures)
+ Your solution is not killing the bed bug eggs (Bed Bug Bully kills eggs & juveniles)
+ Your solution is not a prevention product (Bed Bug Bully has a 30 day residual)
+ Your focusing on one location, not of the entire problem

Remember, Bed Bug Bully is a product that will not only kill and prevent bed bugs, but it’s unique formula will cause the bed bugs to evacuate their hiding locations. So spray Bed Bug Bully in as many locations around the infested home as you can. This will increase the odds of the bed bugs to evacuate your home or simply die.


Re-Apply Treatment Consecutively

It is important to consistently use Bed Bug Bully or any other solution you feel will work until the entire infestation is cleared out. Spraying for just one-day will not do the trick. An infestation will require consecutive battles in which you will consistently start to lessen the numbers of bed bugs.


You will apply Bed Bug Bully topically to items that may have signs of infestation or prone to future infestations. Also, be sure to use Bed Bug Bully as an imaginary shied to exterior walls, windows, cracks, and crevices to keep the bed bugs from coming back.

Tips for Apply Bed Bug Bully In Your Living Areas:

+ Spray on all areas illustrated in image on last page

+ Remove rugs, pillows, bed sheets & linens

+ Place bed sheets/linens in sealed garbage bag

+ Save these bed sheets/linens to be laundered with Bed Bug Bully Detergent

+ Open windows if you are sensitive to natural oils aroma

+ Re-apply Bed Bug Bully treatment every 14 to 30 days (to be safe)

+ Upon re-applying, spray a barrier along the room on all entrances/windows

Be sure to follow our how to do your own bed bug extermination procedure.


Create A Barrier Around Your Home

We always recommend spraying around all openings to your home. This means the windows, doors, or any other opening which bed bugs can come thru. You will want a  invisible barrier to prevent outside intruders into your home. This will prevent re-infestations from your neighbors. By having that barrier up, it will keep the bed bugs out and kill the ones in side your home.

For this method, we recommend what pest professionals use.
The 5 gallon pail of Bed Bug Bully.

Also with the 5 gallon pail, we will pay for the shipping (a $45 value)!

The 5 gallon pail of Bed Bug Bully is one the best offers we have, since you are getting more materials for a better price. So if you are serious about keeping bed bugs away for good. Be sure to use a good amount of the material consecutively until no more outbreaks happen.


Don’t Forget About Your Linens & Sheets

Many times you will have bed bugs in your sheets and laundry. The eggs will stay there unharmed. Once you do a full bed bug treatment in your home. You may forget to wash the sheets and linens with a natural detergent formulated to kill bed bugs, eggs, and the juveniles.

For this main reason, we developed Bed Bug Bully Detergent.  A hypo Allergenic detergent specifically to make sure you kill all bed bugs in your laundry and of course have fresh scented, soft clothing and linens, bed bug free.


Clean & Disinfect Your Entire Home

After you battle these bed bugs, lets now get your home cleaned and disinfected. It Below are tips and tools that can help you in the process.

cleaning_bedbugsGet Rid of Clutter to reduce places bed bugs can hide. After doing a full visual inspection and cleaning using Bed Bug Bully, consider putting non-essential belongings into storage until the bed bugs are gone from your home. Be sure to check again before returning.

Wipe Off Dead Bed Bugs, Blood Stains, Eggs, and Droppings with our unique Green Bean All Purpose Cleaner, a natural green disinfectant and cleaner safe for babies, pets, and children. Ask your Green Bean Buddy or order online at

Vacuum Carpets, Floors, Bed Frames, Furniture, Cracks and Crevices daily, using the brush and crevice tools. Empty the vacuum or seal and dispose of it’s bag outside of your home after each use.

Enclose Infested Mattresses and Box Springs in a cover that is labeled “allergen rated”, “for dust mites”, or “for bed bugs” for a least a full year. Periodically check for rips or openings and take these up.


Final Steps

Below are very important steps to take to make sure your bed bug infestation does not come back.


It’s really about knowing these core principles.

+ Do a full inspection (so you know where they are hiding)
+ Use Bed Bug Bully for the ENTIRE infestation (NOT just 1 room)
+ Put up a barrier around your home (to prevent outsider infestations)
+ Apply Bed Bug Bully consecutively until infestation is gone

It is recommend to continually maintain your home against bed bugs by using Bed Bug Bully around your home routinely every 15 to 30 days after following the steps presented in our how to get rid of bed bugs guide.

While you may have completely gotten rid of bed bugs in your residence or property, outbreaks can come from external sources such as neighbors, garbage, old furniture in street, and in clothing from others coming into your home.

It is always best to continue to maintain your home with Bed Bug Bully.


What’s Next?


Don’t forget I will be sending over more video training with Q&A to help your with bed bugs.

Whether you have a large infestation in a multi apartment building or in just one room. In the next email I will share with your a video explaining how to go about getting rid of your infestation. It will be a review of everything we learned so far and some other important procedures you will want to know.

Don’t forget, be sure to sign up for you complimentary Bed Bug Bully sample, if you haven’t already. You will receive a complete blueprint guide to follow to assure you get rid of any size infestation and never have these bed bugs come back.

Video Training For Your Bed Bug Infestation

I plan on doing more questions and answers with you and other members of the community. Be sure to sign up below if you have not yet.  You will receive the full procedures from inspecting to getting rid of bed bugs, so they never come back.

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Did You Get Your Complimentary Sample?

Remember I am offering a complimentary sample during a private launch for Bed Bug Bully. I made it so it is no risk to you. You receive a complimentary sample with your order. For any reason your not satisfied, no worries you can get a full refund and keep the sample. It’s my way of making sure you don’t waste your time and get close to getting rid of your bed bug infestation.


  1. Bud Finley

    Hello Bed Bug Bully,,,, I recently ordered your product and the additional gallon,,, What the heck,,, money back guaranty ,,,,, Nothing to lose and everything to gain,,,, most important a peaceful night’s sleep and knowing I am not sharing my home with Blood Sucking Parasites ,,,,, What I noticed originally was waking after only a few hours of sleep,,, an extreme sensation that I was sun burnt,, fore arms neck and shoulders,, after a couple weeks,, I applied lotion before bed and rest was easier but still the discomfort of sun burn ,,,, never noticed any bites or red spots on my skin,,, only on bedding,,, thought it was from the itching I had done during the night,, I was aware of the pest infestation other residents had experienced at the complex where I live,,, but I had no issues,,,, now 6 months later,, after waking ,,,itching as though my skin was peeling away,,,, I grabbed my LED flashlight,,, There the B,,st,,ds were ,,,, scurrying like ants at a picnic ,,,,, and I have been the main attraction,,,,, So went on the offensive….searched online for answers,,,, eliminated clothing I had not warn in months,,, put remaining clothes and bedding in plastic bags,,, researched chemical treatments along with your product,,,, Placed my order with you,, along with picking up some “This single can of aerosol spray will kill any flying crawling and biting bug known to man” Avoid contact to skin,, inhaling fumes,,, send pets to a kennel and kids across state lines,,,, Discard all furniture items prior to,,, or after application…. So while I am waiting for your product to arrive,,, I sprayed,,, fogged ,,,every crack and crevis,, sealed the room and prayed for blessings that my bedroom would be saved from the damned,,, 2 days later,,, no bugs in site,,, made my bed up again,,,, settled in for my first good nights sleep in weeks… Not to happen,,, The little vicious ——– were back,,, hungrier than ever ,,,, Now I await your miracle to arrive,,, Sleeping on the floor at age 60…. Not a healthy option,,, I am trusting I will be another of your success stories

  2. Bud Finley

    Hello, my name is Bud,,,, I received my order of BedBug Bully the same day my apartment manager had scheduled a professional exterminator to treat my apartment, Having been given the “All Clear”…. I am still skeptical,,,,,, Thank you for the e-mails you have included with my order. Before I rely on that “All Clear”,,, I am going to take a pro-active approach to protecting my home from this happening again. Expecting that the exterminators did a thorough job and there are no active bugs in my home,,, I am going to take it further by following your guide to inspection, identifying, and treating procedures ,,,, and I will continue to follow your guide over the next week treating everyday,,, as you have stated your product brings bugs out of their hiding places,,,, and I want to contain them to my bedroom,,,, I also understand,,, living in a multi-family complex,,, other units have been treated prior to mine,,, perhaps the reason for the migration and infestation I am experiencing in my home. I am also going to assume other tenants are not maintaining a pro-active approach. So as you have stated,,,, I want to hit this problem HARD,,, in the beginning,,,, then maintain routine treatments ,,, doing what is necessary to prevent this from happening again,,,, One question,,, upon entering my bedroom last evening after the exterminators were here,,, I noticed a cock roach sluggishly moving across my bedroom floor,,, Though I have not seen them in my home prior to this,,, I do not want that problem either,,,, Does your product work on cock roaches??

  3. Rheyma Frese

    My apartment has been treated professionally with heat procedure as well as chemical. This cost over 2000$ ! The guys did a good job, came back 4 times for retreats. I upon occasion I still see one which scares me to death! I have no more money to spend on bugs! My question is, is it normal to see the occasional bug, they no longer move as quickly as once did. It has been 6 months since treatments!


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