Bed Bug Removal Procedures

Your Complete Guide To Get Rid of Your Bed Bug Infestation!

Welcome to the Bed Bug Bully help center area. Our mission is about infusing wellness into as many folks homes as humanly possible. Many of our clients have stressful bed bug infestations in their lives right now.

As part of our commitment to our Bed Bug Bully clients, you will be assigned a Green Bean Buddy to help you get through this stressful situation. If you are not a client yet, no worries. Below is a free guide of procedures pest professionals use to ensure the bed bug infestation is eliminated entirely. If you are a client, feel free to email your Green Bean Buddy additional questions, you should of received their contact email in your order receipt.


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Need Help? Ask Us Below


  1. Hilda Wright

    There is a lot of clutter in my bedroom, as I was storing things there during renovation work on the rest of the house. My clearing out the clutter is slow, and the conditions underneath are not good. I plan to discard the very old braided rugs and curtains, but the floors are worn and probably will have lots of cracks and crevices. The room needs to be restored with fresh paint and sanded and retained floors. I’m thinking I should try to get rid of the bugs before beginning this work – do you agree?
    One large drawback: I am 73 years old and I plan to do the extermination by myself. Do you think I will be able to do it?

  2. Janet

    Please how much does it cost please I need it

  3. Renee jones

    Sounds like the answer to my problem

  4. Renee jones

    I need this 1product

  5. Margaret Sutcliffe

    I received the gallon of Bed Bug Bully and sprayed as directed but I can’t find the booklet with more information. Can I spray again to make sure I got them all. Can you send me another booklet?

  6. Paul

    Can I buy ths through the mail with a money order

    • Markus

      yes, you can make an order then select money order as payment. We don’t ship the product till we receive the money order in the mail. You can also contact our support to set this up for you too.

  7. Elizabeth hoffman

    So i don’t get theem i hate bugs

  8. laura blevins

    i live in an apt. building where there seems to be more and more apts. getting them,if only 1 apartment treats and no the others will it keep them out?

  9. Harold G.

    I had a serious bed bug problem in the bedroom. I tried Many different remedies ranging from Steam treatment to Herbs, all to No Avail! As a last resort I called the Apartment Complex owners who told me that it would cost me $900.00 to call in the professionals. Then I ran across your ad on the internet, bought the Gallon for $70.00, took a day to do a thorough treatment of the room and am So Thankful to say: The bugs are gone!!!!! I used approx 3/4 of the gallon and have enough to do a follow up in 15 days as suggested. I would encourage you to set your product on Amazon and watch your business…Boom!

  10. richard eilts

    What about your dog. How do they effect the situation.

  11. Mrs B

    My first order was the quart sprayer. It was for my bed (king size). This is what I thought, never had this problem before in 50+ years. It has been nerve-racking for me. Prices were outrageous from pest company. So, I started googling and your company. My second order is one gallon, it is working. I am happy with the added support and more information. One thing the sprayer on my bottles keep getting clogged. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    • Markus

      Thanks for the comment, for the spray bottle since the formulation is natural oils.

      Try filling a bowl or large container of water, then take off your sprayer from Bed Bug Bully and start spraying the water out of the container. This will use the water to remove the oils and clear out the trigger sprayer valves.

  12. Robbin Brown

    I have neighbors that carry these bed bugs, I need the product to spray around my home.

  13. Kim Wilson

    How can I track my order?

  14. Rhonda

    Is your product available in Canada.

  15. Diana Upton

    Checking to see if you got my order

  16. Elizabeth Morales

    Quiero saber como funciona el repelente para chinches hace poco compre uno pero no se como funciona


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