A single bed bug infestation can lead to a widespread of the blood-sucking pests. And time and time again, it was proven that they spread quick. Just take, for example, how fast the bed bug epidemic spread in big cities as New York.

Knowing that, officials of Sioux Falls want to get ahead of the pests. Their goal is to not make their bed bug problem escalate to a level the same with big cities. Hence, they are being aggressive with their campaigns against bed bugs. One of the moves that they already took to fight off the pests was holding a news conference to spread awareness to the residents.

Averaging only at 20 to 24 bed bug complaints each year, Sioux Falls clearly has minimal bed bug cases than other cities. However, the thing is, they still got the pests. And if no action is taken, the number of bed bug incidents will surely skyrocket.

And so, apart from holding a conference to educate the public about the ways to prevent and mitigate the number of the pests, the city also conducts routine lodging inspections every year. Additionally, they also investigate any bed bug complaint within 48 hours after it was received.

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“South Dakota hasn’t faced bed bug problems anywhere near the levels seen elsewhere, and being proactive is the key to keeping it that way, Sioux Falls officials said Thursday.

The city averages 20 to 24 calls annually concerning bed bug complaints at rental properties, and it’s important to deal with infestations or possible cases of bed bugs sooner rather than later, said Kevin Smith, assistant director of planning and building services.

“If you’re aware of it and can look for it and treat it before it gets out of control, I don’t see it getting out of control,” Smith said.”

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Bed bugs can bring in a lot of problems from money to rashes. And to prevent more of them, what Sioux Falls is doing is admirable. However, it was stated that chemicals were used in the city to prevent and eliminate the pests. And though effective, the problem is that the use of them presents dangers to health and the environment.

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