In bed bug elimination, the knowledge of where to find and how to kill bed bugs is imperative. Basically, it is your key to get rid of them completely.


Why is that?

The answer is simple. It’s because you won’t be able to kill them if you don’t know where they are. And if you implement a bed bug treatment in an area or spot not confirmed infested by them, you could just end up wasting your effort, time and money.

Worst, because that could delay the treatment on the actual bed bug nests, it could also turn a still small bed bug problem into a huge infestation. That, in turn, could give you and your family more sufferings – e.g. sleepless nights, bed bug bites, anxiety and paranoia.

So, to help you find those vampire-like critters and keep them from feeding on you and your family, here are the five steps you need to take to spot their hideout quick.

1. Prepare What You Need

As you surely know, bed bugs are very small. With a size of just about 5-7 mm, they are even smaller than an apple seed.

Because of that, they could easily slip out of sight and squeeze themselves in the littlest cracks. That gives them a chance to spread unnoticed and start nests undetected.


And so, when looking for them, you will need to have a flashlight in hand. The handy source of light will allow you to see those critters even in the dark crevices.

Given that they are so tiny, it will also be good to have a magnifying glass ready. Being a bug, and a very small one at that, a bed bug is often mistaken as something else, like a tick or flea. The magnifying glass will equip you to determine if what’s infesting your house are indeed bed bugs.

magnifying glass

But of course, before you can identify those vampire-like critters, you first need to know how they look. Here’s one image of an adult of their specie.

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2. Start Your Inspection Where the Pests Were Spotted

When cleaning your house, you always start first from the ceiling down to the furniture and finally, to the floor. The purpose is to not dirty again anything under your ceiling and repeat the process when you are cleaning it.

When searching for bed bugs, you have a starting point too. And that is the spot where those pesky creatures were last found.

In addition to determining that, you also need to remember two things:

  • First – Those pests don’t stray away from their last location.
  • Second – They don’t build a nest far from their source of meal, which could be you.


So, put simply, bed bugs usually hide and hibernate in places humans usually frequent. If you see them in your lamp shade, there is a huge chance they are in your headboard or mattress. If you last saw them in your living room carpet, they could be in your couch. Or if you found them in your books, they might be in your drawers or bookshelves.

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3. Work Your Way to Adjacent Items and/or Spots

As mentioned, if bed bugs are found in your house, it is highly likely that they aren’t just in a single spot. Fast-paced and quick to breed as they are, there is a huge possibility that they occupied a number of items and areas.

Considering that, from the furniture or spot where they were last found, you have to work your way to every item and space adjacent to it when looking for those critters. Inspect each of them so you wouldn’t miss any of the bug and have the same problem over again.

For example, if the item in question is the curtain, check your wall or wall decors. The critters could be hiding behind those. Or if the pests were found in your bed, see to it that you inspect every item near or surrounding it like the bedside table, closet, chair or drawers.

Remember, bed bugs could hide on almost anything so everything in your house is a potential hiding spot for them.

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4. Follow the Bed Bug Signs

Bed bugs leave trails. You follow those bed bugs signs and you will find where those vampire-like bugs hide.

Particularly, those signs include the following:

Bed Bugs Spots

Actually those spots are the pests’ excretions. They are particularly dried blood that the bugs were not able to digest and had to excrete. Hence, the color of them follows to be maroon or dark red, which appears black if not closely examined or over time.


Bed Bug Shells

These shells are basically the outer skeletons of bed bugs. Those critters molt for about three times in their lives. And when they do change, they just leave their shells anywhere near their hideouts.


Bed Bug Smell

A group of bed bugs exude a smell that is quite unique to them. When there is a huge number of them hunched in an area, they give out a scent that’s a bit musty and sweet. Why? It’s not really known why/ But it could be because of their diet or it could be natural odor.

5. Look Into Every Crack and Crevice

Being small has many perks. For bed bugs, their minuscule of a size enables them to hide even in the smallest of spaces. That is why it is best for you to have a flashlight and a magnifying glass at hand when searching for them.

Because of that also, you must not miss looking into every crack or gap in the room or item suspected or confirmed to be bed bug infested.


Spaces between parts of a furniture must also be inspected. Even the seams of clothes, curtains or any fabric-made piece and book bindings and covers you must also search as those are exactly the places where to find bed bugs.

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How to Kill Bed Bugs

But just finding bed bugs will not kill them. That is another undertaking that you will have to fulfill immediately after you found those critters.

Remember, those bugs are very quick to breed and spread. If you delay your elimination process even just for a day, you can end up having a bigger bed bug problem.

There are several methods of eliminating the vampire-like bed bugs. There’s the heat treatment, the use of bed bug bombs, the use of bed bug sprays and other processes offered by pest-control companies.

Each of those methods has its own pros and cons. Nonetheless, if you want an inexpensive, quick and effective way to kill bed bugs, the use of a bed bug spray is your best option. Sure thing, the use of bed bug bombs also offers you an inexpensive and easy way to solve your bed bug problem. However, studies had shown that they don’t really work.


Unlike them, bed bug sprays – particularly Bed Bug Bully had been proven effective by several hotels, hospitals and homeowners. In fact, it is even already listed as pesticide-exempt under FIFRA 25(b). So besides effective, it is also safe.

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A recent case study in one adult rehabilitation center had also shown that Bed Bug Bully truly works. As testified by the facility, it helped get rid of bed bugs immediately. And more than that, it kept them away for days.

Because of its proven effectiveness and unique formula, Bed Bug Bully was even certified by the third-party organization – American Academy of Entomological Sciences. According to its certification, the product was observed to be efficacious against bed bugs. And that’s not all, it was also seen effective against ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, fleas, and cockroaches.

Here’s a copy of the certification from the organization.



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Small and sneaky as they are, you must take it upon you to always inspect your home for the vampire-like bugs. And so they can’t hide their presence from you, know exactly where to find bed bugs.

But wait. Just finding them will not get rid of them. So, after locating their hiding spots, immediately implement an elimination process with Bed Bug Bully’s help for an effective, inexpensive and safe bed bug treatment.